🎵 Immerse Yourself in a Visual Symphony with AquaBeat Sync! 🌈

Experience the Pulse of Music with the AquaBeat Sync LED Water Speakers – where innovative design meets superior sound. MynaMart proudly presents a gadget that’s not just a speaker, but a centerpiece for any party or personal oasis.

Sleek & Space-Savvy: Crafted with minimalism in mind, these speakers boast a compact form (5.1cm x 6.3cm x 22cm), perfect for any desktop or tabletop, ensuring your space stays uncluttered.

3D Auditory Feast: Equipped with cutting-edge two-channel 3D audio technology and full rubber-edge speakers, the AquaBeat Sync elevates your listening experience, wrapping you in a cocoon of crystal-clear, robust sound.

Low-Frequency Enrichment: Dive into deeper bass and enriched soundscapes thanks to our low-frequency enhancement technology. Feel the beat as if you’re front-row at a concert.

Dynamic Water Light Show: Each note and beat ignites a dance of vibrant, LED-illuminated water jets, creating a mesmerizing visual effect that pulses in harmony with your music. Perfect for setting the mood at any gathering or for a tranquil evening at home.

Universal Harmony: With a standard 3.5mm interface, these speakers effortlessly connect to a multitude of audio devices. Plug in and let the fusion of light and sound transport you.

Quality Materials: Our speakers are encased in durable engineering plastic, built to withstand the excitement of every encore.

Easy Set-Up: Power up with USB and let the symphony begin. We include 1 main and auxiliary speaker, 1 power cord, 1 conductive wire, and 1 audio cable for a seamless start.

🔊 “The AquaBeat Sync Speakers transformed my evening gatherings. The sound quality is top-notch, and the water light show is an absolute crowd-pleaser. Definitely a conversation starter!” – A delighted MynaMart customer.

🛒 Ready for the Rhythmic Rapture?

Don’t just listen to music, witness it in action. Add the AquaBeat Sync LED Water Speakers to your cart and bring home the harmony of sight and sound today. Let MynaMart be the heartbeat of your home entertainment.

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Weight 0.62 kg
Dimensions 125 × 75 × 245 cm

Black, White


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