💨 Feel the Breeze, Enjoy the Mist with AquaBreeze MistyFan! 💦

Introducing the AquaBreeze MistyFan, your ultimate companion for staying cool and refreshed, wherever you go! This innovative gadget is not just a portable fan – it’s a hydration hero, ready to infuse your day with a touch of cool, misty bliss.

Why Choose AquaBreeze MistyFan? 🌟

  1. Quick Cooling Technology: Utilizing advanced nano atomization, the AquaBreeze MistyFan transforms water into a fine, cooling mist, providing instant relief from the heat. It’s your personal, pocket-sized air conditioner!
  2. Hydration & Humidification: MynaMart’s unique design marries a powerful fan with a refreshing mist spray, ensuring that your skin stays moisturized and cool, even on the hottest days.
  3. Power-Packed Performance: Equipped with a robust, brushless motor, the fan delivers a concentrated spiral wind flow, making sure you feel the breeze even from a distance.
  4. Customizable Comfort: With four adjustable wind speeds, switch from a gentle whisper to a powerful gust with just a touch. Tailor your cooling experience to be as unique as you are!
  5. MynaMart’s Signature Style: Available in three chic colors – crisp white, classic black, and playful pink – the AquaBreeze MistyFan complements every style and setting.

🔋 Long-Lasting, Eco-Friendly Power: Rechargeable lithium battery ensures you stay cool without constant battery replacements, making it kind on your wallet and the planet.

📏 Compact Size, Mighty Relief: At just 75x42x165mm, it’s the perfect size for any desk or travel bag, yet powerful enough to provide personal cooling in a 1-square meter area.

🔧 User-Friendly Operation: Simple button controls for hassle-free operation, because staying cool shouldn’t be hard work.

🌬️ Versatile Modes for Every Need: Whether you need a gentle breeze or a strong wind, our 4-gear fan speed mode has you covered.

What’s Included:

  • AquaBreeze MistyFan x1: Your new must-have for those scorching summer days or dry, air-conditioned environments.


“I never leave home without my AquaBreeze MistyFan! It’s like carrying a personal air conditioner in my bag. The mist is so refreshing, and I love that I can choose the fan speed. It’s an absolute game-changer for my daily commute!” – Satisfied MynaMart Customer


Don’t let the heat beat you. Click “Add to Cart” and embrace a cooler, more refreshing world with AquaBreeze MistyFan. Your skin and your comfort will thank you! 🛒💙

With MynaMart, you’re not just buying a fan; you’re upgrading to a lifestyle of comfort, convenience, and coolness. Get your AquaBreeze MistyFan today!

Product Image:

Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 75 × 42 × 165 cm

Black, Pink, White


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