✨ Introducing the AquaSwift™ Elegance Dispenser, a fusion of style and convenience for the water-drinking experience. With its sleek, innovative design, this dispenser is not just a gadget, it’s a centerpiece that complements any room or office. 🏠💼

🚰 Aesthetic & Upgraded Design: Crafted to impress, the AquaSwift™ boasts a modern silhouette that magically integrates into your decor, providing a touch of sophistication with every pour.

🌐 Versatility for Every Setting: Whether it’s your living room, kitchen, or office, the AquaSwift™ ensures that fresh water is always within reach. Its presence is an assurance of convenience and style.

🏞️ Outdoor Companion: For the adventurers and the always-on-the-move, our dispenser is rechargeable and travel-friendly, ensuring you stay hydrated without compromising on elegance.

🔋 Effortless Recharging: With its included Type-C USB cable, the AquaSwift™ is effortlessly rechargeable, offering a seamless transition from home to the outdoors.

🔵 Colorful Choices: Choose from a pristine white [X115B] or a bold blue [X115B], and watch the AquaSwift™ blend into your space and lifestyle.

🔋 Sustained Performance: The robust 1800mAh battery capacity ensures that your hydration is uninterrupted, giving you peace of mind on its reliability.

MynaMart Exclusive Package:

  • Pumps: x1 – Initiate your hydration journey with a simple tap.
  • Pumping Pipe: x1 – A conduit for clean water, every single time.
  • Charging Line: x1 – Power up your dispenser with ease.
  • Color Box: x1 – Packaged to perfection, ready for gifting or personal delight.
  • Instructions: x1 – A clear guide for quick setup and use.

🌟 Customer Testimonial: “I never knew a water dispenser could be a conversation starter until I got the AquaSwift™. It’s not just beautiful, it’s incredibly functional. From my office to the camping grounds, it’s been a game-changer. Totally worth every penny!” – Jamie L.

Don’t miss out on the ultimate hydration experience. Tap into elegance and convenience with the AquaSwift™ Elegance Dispenser. 💧 Get yours today and stay hydrated in style with MynaMart!


Weight 0.41 kg
Dimensions 242 × 150 × 68 cm

Blue with gravity, Blue, White

Electrical outlet


5 reviews for AquaSwift™ Elegance Dispenser

  1. Z***l

    Excellent! Very happy with this pump. I used to have to carry the 5gal bottle to my dispenser, then turn it upside down and lift it up onto the dispenser. As I have aged, I have been dreading the day that I would not be physically able to do that. Now I don’t have to worry about it. It is so so easy! I am thrilled I chose this handsfree pump.
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  2. B***u

    Amazing water pump it will be the last one you buy. We have a baby and having one hand operation is very necessary for us. This solved so many problems for us and I will be ordering another one.
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  3. U***d

    We purchased this instead of buying small water bottles or gallon bottles. We use bottle water for our coffee maker and to drink. The Water Pump is in my kitchen set up with a 5 gallon bottle. I’m thinking of getting another one to use when we go camping.I charged it when I first got it and the battery is still going.
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  4. C***i

    This water pump suction is well designed and the table holder gives a amazing touch that helps to hold the bottle while fill the water.
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  5. S***h

    I am very pleased with this product

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