Transform your personal space into a sanctuary of freshness with the BreatheEasy Ion-Clear Ashtray 🌬️—the ultimate gadget for smokers who value cleanliness and air quality. Say goodbye to the discomfort of second-hand smoke and welcome a breath of fresh air, even while indulging in a cigarette.

🎨 Colors: Choose from sleek grey, pristine white, or a vibrant green to match your home or office decor.

🔋 Power: Operates on 2 No. 5 batteries (not included), ensuring that you can enjoy purified air without the hassle of cords and plugs.

🌀 Ion Technology: This isn’t just any ashtray—it’s a haven for smokers and non-smokers alike. Utilizing negative ion technology, the BreatheEasy Ion-Clear Ashtray actively filters and purifies the air, capturing smoke particles and odors before they spread.

🌟 Design & Build: Crafted from robust ABS plastic, it’s designed to last. Easy to operate with a single button and even easier to clean, it’s the epitome of convenience and durability.

🚬 User-Friendly: With a smartly designed tray featuring four cigarette grooves, it secures your smoke safely. Its compact size (13.5 * 13.2 * 7.5cm) makes it a perfect fit for any setting, while the powerful 3600 RPM system ensures efficient smoke filtration.

🍃 Silent Operation: The BreatheEasy Ion-Clear Ashtray operates silently, so you can enjoy your moments of relaxation without any noise disturbance.

🌐 Brand Integration: Brought to you by MynaMart, where innovation meets everyday needs, this ashtray is a testament to a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your loved ones.

👍 Testimonial: “I never knew an ashtray could improve my living room’s air quality until I tried the BreatheEasy Ion-Clear Ashtray. It’s easy to use, and the smoke disappears like magic! It’s been a game-changer for my indoor gatherings.” – Jordan T.

Don’t compromise on air quality. Click “Add to Cart” now to invest in a cleaner, fresher, and more enjoyable smoking experience with the BreatheEasy Ion-Clear Ashtray. Your lungs (and your guests) will thank you!

Weight 0.26 kg
Dimensions 145 × 140 × 75 cm

Green, Grey, White

8 reviews for BreatheEasy Ion-Clear Ashtray

  1. A***v

    Прикольная пепельница. Вентилятор достаточно мощный-втягивает дым очень хорошо. В комплекте есть таблетка освежителя пахнет приятно. Вопрос где покупать замену остается открытым. Качество пластика хорошее.

  2. s***i


  3. 1***r

    Товар доставлен. Большое спасибо. Всё работает, в е понравилось.

  4. A***F

    bof. je ne recommande pas

  5. Q***e

    ça sent super bon, oubliée d acheter les filtres

  6. d***i

    thank you

  7. A***o

    Funziona bene

  8. G***v

    Works well.

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