Product Description:

🔥 Embrace the warmth of innovation with CozyFlo™, the ultimate Portable Ceramic Comfort Heater designed by MynaMart to elevate your space’s ambiance and warmth effortlessly. This compact powerhouse is your answer to chilly mornings and frosty evenings, ensuring you stay snug no matter where you are!

🌡️ Optimized Temperature Control: Say goodbye to bulky, slow-heating alternatives. CozyFlo™ features a cutting-edge PTC ceramic heating element that jumps into action swiftly, delivering a quick, safe temperature rise from 15 to 32℃. Customize your climate with our adjustable settings for a personal touch of warmth.

💨 Dual-Speed Convenience: With ‘HH’ for a hearty high and ‘LL’ for a gentle low, our two wind speed gears cater to your comfort. Whether you need a strong gust or a soft breeze, CozyFlo™ adjusts to your every whim.

⏲️ Timed to Perfection: Our 12-hour timing function means you’re in control of the coziness. Set it and forget it; CozyFlo™ works around your schedule, not the other way around.

🔌 European Elegance: Outfitted with a rotatable EU plug, the CozyFlo™ is as convenient as it is stylish. Its ease of use seamlessly integrates into any setting, be it home, office, or even while camping under the stars.

✈️ Travel-Ready Design: Light as a feather and small enough to tuck into your bag, this heater is your go-to companion for camping trips, office warmth, or cozying up in any room at home.

🎚️ Simple Mechanics, Superior Warmth: With a mechanical operation and a straightforward button switch, CozyFlo™ eschews complication for pure comfort. It’s an air heater that epitomizes efficiency and ease.

📐 Compact Build, Mighty Heat: At a mere 168.510cm, this little giant promises mighty warmth without taking up space. It’s the perfect, unobtrusive addition to your winter arsenal.

Customer Testimonial:

“I never thought such a small heater could make such a big difference. The CozyFlo™ has become a staple in my winter routine – it’s easy to use, and I love that I can take it with me on trips. It heats up my space in no time!” – Jane D., MynaMart Customer

Don’t let the cold cramp your style! Click 🛒 Add to Cart now and get your very own CozyFlo™ Portable Ceramic Comfort Heater. Warm up your world with MynaMart – where coziness meets convenience. 🔥✨

Weight 0.51 kg
Dimensions 180 × 150 × 90 cm

Black with remote control, Black

Electrical outlet


7 reviews for CozyFlo™ Portable Ceramic Comfort Heater

  1. e***r

    Good product heats fast

  2. l***o

    ainda não testei

  3. M***n

    I’m very satisfied

  4. H***o

    Chegou bem embalado, simples, e pratico.

  5. f***r

    Very nice heater. Tried it right out of the box to test. Get’s hot instantly and has a timer. Very neat and compact heater to have on hand. Really like this item. A good quality item. Looks to be well made.

  6. L***a

    Интересная вещица. Упаковка на уровне, но даже через неё каким-то образом коробочка помялась (товар целый). Интересно сможет ли нагреть небольшой кабинет (а пока лето, точно проверять не хочется ). Всё работает, продавец ответственный.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  7. G***a

    Упаковка герметичная, но коробка помялась на самом товаре не отразилось. Доставка курьером.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

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