Introducing the 🌟 FlexiCleanse Pro 🌟, the ultimate 4-Way Precision Cup & Groove Scrubber that’s been meticulously designed to tackle every nook and cranny of your drinking vessels. MynaMart brings you an innovation in cleaning efficiency and precision:

🌀 U-shaped Silicone Mastery – The FlexiCleanse Pro features a flexible U-shaped silicone brush, expertly crafted to obliterate stubborn stains and residues, providing a gleaming finish around every curve.

🔍 Precision Gap Cleansing – Equipped with stranded wire bristles, this multi-tasker delves into the narrows of cup lids, ensuring a meticulous cleanse where traditional brushes falter.

📐 Corner Conqueror – Its corner-targeting bristles are a grime’s worst nightmare, sweeping away dirt from the tightest crevices with absolute authority.

🌪 Deep Dive Bristles – The scrubber reaches into the deepest realms of your cups, banishing internal stains with its penetrating cleaning prowess.

👌 Custom Contour Design – Tailored to adapt to various cup mouth positions, the FlexiCleanse Pro offers the perfect remedy for a spotless shine, instantly.

💧 Dual-Action Cleaning – The silicone brushes envelop the cup wall in a gentle yet effective embrace, ensuring no damage as they purify.

🔗 Elastic Wire Precision – Twisted for toughness and designed to spring into action, it targets the grime entrenched in gaps and grooves with surgical precision.

💪 Sturdy Bristles – Tackling tough stains head-on, the bristles remain firm against grime, turning difficult cleaning tasks into effortless victories.

🌬️ Hygienic Hanging Design – After use, hang it up for a quick dry, ensuring hygiene while being a space-saver.


🗣️ Testimonial:

“Since I started using the FlexiCleanse Pro, my cups have never been cleaner! It reaches places I didn’t even know were dirty. Cleaning is now a breeze!” – Happy MynaMart Customer

🛒 Ready for a spotless sparkle? Grab your FlexiCleanse Pro today and experience the pinnacle of cleaning efficiency! Only at MynaMart – where clean meets ingenious design. ✨

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 250 × 85 × 85 cm

Blue, Grey

3 reviews for FlexiCleanse Pro: 4-Way Precision Cup & Groove Scrubber

  1. B***r

    Good brushes

  2. S***u

    The product is great. Very comfortable brushes

  3. U***a

    Good brushes, well-made for washing the Turkish coffee.

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