Product Description:

Transform your little one’s dental hygiene routine into a fun and effortless experience with the FlexiKiddo U-Brush! 🪥🌈 Our innovative toothbrush is meticulously designed to cater to the delicate needs of children aged 2-12 years old.

Crafted from the safest 🍃 food-grade soft rubber, the FlexiKiddo U-Brush ensures a gentle touch against sensitive young gums and budding pearly whites. Its revolutionary U-shaped design cradles your child’s teeth, offering a comprehensive clean with every wiggle and giggle.

Available in a spectrum of cheerful colors 🎨 – playful pink, brilliant blue, and a delightful mix of both – the FlexiKiddo U-Brush makes brushing an engaging part of daily routine, no coaxing needed! And with two size options, you can ensure a perfect fit as your child grows from their first milk tooth to their confident smile.

📦 Packing List:

  • 1 FlexiKiddo U-Brush per pack, ready to create smiles and giggles in the bathroom.

🎖️ Testimonial:

“Ever since we switched to the FlexiKiddo U-Brush, my twins are actually excited for brushing time! No more fuss, just happy kids showing off their clean teeth.” – Happy MynaMart Mom

At MynaMart, we believe in making every aspect of parenting a joy – and oral hygiene is no exception. The FlexiKiddo U-Brush, with its child-friendly design and materials, is a testament to our commitment to your child’s health and happiness.

Ready to take the struggle out of teeth brushing? Make the FlexiKiddo U-Brush part of your child’s morning and night routine. Tap into a world of giggles and good hygiene with a brush that’s designed with love for tiny teeth. Get yours now at MynaMart! 🛒💖


Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 120 × 50 × 60 cm

1Set, 2Set, 3Set, Blue, Blue 2PCS, Blue 3PCS, Blue 5PCS, Long blue, Long blue 2PCS, Long blue 3PCS, Long blue 5PCS, Long pink, Long pink 2PCS, Long pink 3PCS, Long pink 5PCS, Long pink blue, Pink, Pink 2PCS, Pink 3PCS, Pink 5PCS, Pink blue, Set


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