Unleash a Sea of Fun! 🌊🦐

Dive into an ocean of playtime with our FrolicShrimp™, the cuddly crustacean that brings a tide of joy to both kids and pets alike! Crafted with velvety soft fabrics, this plush delight ensures safe and healthy interaction for every family member.

Swing into Action! 🎮

With just a tap of its whimsical tail, FrolicShrimp™ comes to life with not one, but three enchanting swing modes! Each playful wag is designed to captivate your curious cat or charm your child into hours of amusement.

Durably Designed 💪

Engineered with resilient POM material, our robust shrimp buddy can endure the most spirited of playtimes. Plus, the convenience of USB charging means the fun never has to end—just plug in the included data line to re-energize your shrimp’s zest for play.

A Clean Play Partner 🧼

Worry not about playtime messes; our FrolicShrimp™ comes with a detachable motor, easily removed with a swift unzip for a quick and simple clean-up.

Educational Exploration 🌟

It’s not just a toy, but a doorway to discovery. Let your child’s imagination swim wild with the FrolicShrimp™, designed to inspire a sense of wonder about the aquatic world.

Specs at a Glance:

  • Category: Plush Doll
  • Material: Long-haired Carved Velvet
  • Functionality: Interactive Swing, Touch Sensitivity, 3 Modes
  • Color & Design: Vibrant Jumping Shrimp (Color may vary)
  • Size: Cuddly 35CM Length

Package Includes:

  • 1 x FrolicShrimp™
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Rechargeable Battery

🌟 Testimonial: “I purchased the FrolicShrimp™ for my daughter and our family cat, and it’s been a hit! The quality is fantastic, and the interactive tail keeps both my daughter and our pet entertained for hours. A bonus is how easy it is to clean—just what every parent needs!” – Happy MynaMart Shopper

🛍️ Ready to Add Some Splash to Your Playtime?

Dive into the joy and get your very own FrolicShrimp™ today! Don’t let this catch swim away—click ‘Add to Cart’ and bring home the underwater adventure that awaits! 🦐💖

MynaMart—Where Magic Meets the Sea of Play.

Product Image:

Weight 0.24 kg
Dimensions 210 × 200 × 100 cm

About 35CM, About 32CM


2pcs Jumping shrimp random col, Jumping shrimp random color, Soft sewn on eyes version

Electrical outlet


4 reviews for FrolicShrimp™ – The Interactive USB-Charged Plush Companion

  1. M***a

    Котик просто балдеет

  2. L***l

    They are crazy !
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  3. I***N

    Замечательная игрушка. Есть кабель для зарядки. Заряжалась 20 минут и после этого лампочка с красной меняется на зелёную. Креветка бьет хвостом. Моя кошка сразу стала пытаться ее убить, терзала минут 10 с большим удовольствием. Советую к покупке. Обратите внимание – игрушка довольно большая, подойдёт для взрослой кошки. От заказа до получения всего 2 недели. Моя благодарность продавцу за оперативную работу.

  4. G***e

    Le chat est ravi !

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