🔍 Product Overview:

Transform your gadget maintenance with the GleamGenie Pocket Screen Spa – your compact companion for crystal-clear screens! This sleek 2-in-1 marvel integrates a microfiber flannel wipe with an eco-friendly cleaning solution, all housed in a stylish, pocket-friendly casing. Say goodbye to smudges, fingerprints, and grime with just a swipe and spray!

✨ Features & Benefits:

  • 🚀 All-Encompassing Clean: With a multifunctional design, the GleamGenie is not just a cleaner; it’s a screen’s protective guardian. The built-in microfiber wipe paired with our exclusive cleaning fluid tackles dirt on a microscopic level.
  • 🔄 Reusable & Washable: Embrace sustainability with the washable microfiber body, ensuring countless uses. Plus, a protective clear cover keeps the spray nozzle pristine.
  • 🌈 Streak-Free Brilliance: Achieve flawless clarity with a few sprays—no streaks, no lint, just pure transparency.
  • 🌐 Universal Compatibility: Safe for all screens, from the latest OLED smartphones to LCD monitors and everything in-between.
  • 🎒 Travel-Ready Form: Its 9cm stature fits anywhere—pockets, purses, or your car’s glovebox, making it the ultimate gadget for on-the-go touch-ups.
  • 💧 Generous Lifespan: With up to 200 sprays, a single GleamGenie can keep your devices spotless for months.
  • 🌿 Eco-Conscious Materials: Crafted with a commitment to the environment, featuring microfiber flannel and a non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning fluid.

📦 What’s Included:

  • 1x GleamGenie Pocket Screen Spa

🎉 Experience MynaMart’s Difference:

At MynaMart, we’re dedicated to elevating your everyday with innovative solutions. The GleamGenie is a testament to our promise—efficiency meets elegance, delivering a spotless screen with every use.

💬 Customer Testimonial:

“The GleamGenie is a game-changer! It fits right into my hectic life. I’ve bid farewell to annoying smudges on my phone and laptop. It’s like having a new device every day!” – Jordan S.

Ready to experience a pristine screen like never before? Click “Add to Cart” and join the clear screen revolution with the GleamGenie Pocket Screen Spa. Your screens deserve it, and your eyes will thank you!

Product Image:

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 100 × 31 × 93 cm

2pcs Black, 2pcs Light grey, 2pcs Pink, 3pcs Black, 3pcs Light grey, 3pcs Pink, 4pcs Light grey, 4pcs Pink, Black, Light green, Light grey, Pink, Plastic shell, Sky blue, Violet Blue


Without shell, With shell

93 reviews for GleamGenie Pocket Screen Spa

  1. E***s

    They sell you the boat but no liquid, so the I want a boat without the liquid.
    no remark

  2. A***o


  3. I***n

    Very useful – cheap – easy to use , I like this one
    no remarkno remark

  4. I***K

    Super fast 2.weeks delivery to Estonia. Comes with original cartoon box mini package.Thanks!

  5. R***a

    BEST RECOMMENDATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. H***o

    Works super. Quality is also super good.

  7. A***z

    good product
    no remark

  8. A***s

    Excellent!!! sorry only without filling.

  9. R***z

    no remark

  10. K***d

    Its Good quality
    no remark

  11. M***s

    ZBS, best alcohol

  12. B***s

    Seems okay so far, they could make it a little clearer that it is only for the little plastic bottle and fuzzy case and that there is no cleaning fluid in it. To be fair to them it does say so in the description but with all the pictures showing it with fluid and 1 tiny line in the middle of the description saying no fluid I bet I am not the only one a little disappointed.

  13. S***y

    Good quality product I recommend the seller
    no remark

  14. V***d

    Came without fat

  15. Z***z

    Very compliant, it works properly.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  16. V***N

    I received empty without spray did not pay attention when ordering from other sellers on sale with spray will have to buy cleaning liquid. When ordering, read carefully do not make a mistake like me.

  17. F***r

    Product conforms to the description

  18. V***v

    Useful thing. Convenient for use. Came quickly, in 2,5 weeks. Seller and recommend!

  19. I***y

    No so good… I don’t see what this device really clean the screen :((
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  20. G***j

    Carefully read the description: the balonchik comes without liquid, otherwise everything is very good. If you need empty balonchik, then I recommend the seller

  21. V***y

    All is well but the balloon is empty‍♂& Middot;
    no remarkno remark

  22. S***.

    As in the description! It serves its function.
    no remark

  23. S***.

    As in the description! Fulfills his function
    no remark

  24. A***r

    All ok

  25. D***e

    Good cleaner, works like in descripcion.

  26. A***y

    Excellent quality of goods, fast delivery.

  27. G***s

    Thank you for the express service

  28. N***n

    This cool thing really works, came to the Far East in 25 days.

  29. A***y

    The top to clean the phone windows I make the mirrors too,: the windows of my windows

  30. V***l

    She cleans pretty well, although she plays several times to make her past.
    Colombia took less than A month to arrive
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  31. C***a

    Excelente producto. Envío super rápido… Cumple con lo que promete
    Excelente calidad. Vendedor recomendado

  32. D***r

    viene sin líquido incluido

  33. A***t


  34. A***t

    Really good.

  35. S***i


  36. J***s

    I have received it though! Thank u so much….

  37. M***a


  38. V***a

    I did not receive the goods. The seller returned the money.

  39. A***s

    I got the screen cleaner, but it wasn't including The Cleaner Liquid. Too bad I didn't get a good look at that point before I bought.

  40. S***y

    Very useful product
    no remark

  41. D***v

    Good thing, for daily wear. It is convenient to wipe the phone. The only negative, this is only a jar with a rubbing surface. You have to pour the liquid inside yourself.
    no remark

  42. I***r

    Really useful!
    no remark

  43. D***d

    Exactly what the photo and description shows, it fulfills your function by cleaning the screen of my cell phone and monitors. Very practical to carry is small and fits anywhere (Pocket, backpack, etc)
    As the description says does not include cleaning fluid, I don't know why there are other comments putting 1 star because it didn't come with cleaning fluid if it clearly says it doesn't include, if it will include liquid you could not ship by plane and shipping will be much slower and in addition to difficult.

    Highly recommended for people who use cell phone quite a lot and get their screen dirty all the time, fill with water or some special liquid for screens throw a little on the screen and spread and dry with the absorbent material outside and the screen is shiny✳️

    Arrived in 3 weeks in Chile with combined shipping

    no remarkno remarkno remark

  44. I***y

    Does not wipe-smears liquid on the screen… 🙁 delivered without a special liquid for smartphones

  45. R***v

    The goods came quickly 1 week. Only I thought it would be filled with liquid, and in fact an empty case came… Keep in mind that it will come without liquid.

  46. K***g

    One of the glass broke

  47. T***s

    muy buen producto, cumole con su descripción, se demoró casi 2 meses aprox en llegar a Chile
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  48. C***z

    Just as indicated in the ad. It does not include the cleanser liquid. I use disinfectant to fill it in. Clean the surface of my iPhone good and fast

  49. S***z

    Very nice product !!!

  50. S***y

    Delivery very quick, works great, fantastic price very happy
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  51. E***r

    It came well packaged and very fast but I noticed q didn't bring the liquid to clean the screens so I couldn't use it yet.

  52. A***r

    Very nice product

  53. S***n

    Ultra long szło.

  54. M***a

    The product matches the description.

  55. D***z

    Very practical.

  56. E***r

    Fast shipping to Moscow. Nice and useful. Would recommend

  57. P***r

    buena calidad
    no remarkno remark

  58. R***a

    As in the description, I haven't tried.

  59. C***a

    Envío super rápido, vendedor confiable y responsable… Segunda vez que compro y ningún problema. Espero seguir comprando a futuro. Producto cumple con su objetivo (ojo, no viene con liquido)

  60. M***d

    As described, arrived on time. Thanks!

  61. J***s

    I'll be back soon. Meet your description;) ideal if you go with your laptop from one side to the other or for your mobile. I recommend it.

  62. J***s

    I'll be back soon. Meet your description;) ideal if you go with your laptop from one side to the other or for your mobile. I recommend it.

  63. I***z

    It came in good time, the product met my expectations

  64. R***n

    Great service item delivered over a month before estimate and as described

  65. G***n

    Very good thing, you can wipe and monitor, you can pour something antibacterial

  66. E***n

    Empty bottle with a body of a la Alcantara. Wiper for the screen of the phone can not be poured there, you can destroy the oleophobic coating. So I bought a liquid for optics. About the presence of a cover wipe is not very convenient, it is necessary to eat the faces of the case wipe. In general, this is a decision. To description and speed of delivery no complaints
    no remark

  67. A***v

    I did the function. Let's see how much is enough…

  68. P***a

    It's okay but it's missing to settle.

  69. L***r

    Very good!!!!

  70. L***o

    Классная штука ,даже без жидкости убирает пятна с экрана.

  71. M***e

    Good product. Works as advertised.

  72. J***a

    Good afternoon, thank you for the product.
    We wish you success and prosperity.

    Sincerely, Julia

  73. L***a

    Very fast delivery less than a month and is exactly like photos and description
    no remarkno remark

  74. L***i

    Great quality and fastest delivery

  75. K***v

    A good thing, poured alcohol there, and the screen as a new one), convenient, just convenient, so the thing is not needed)

  76. P***a

    What came in the description, but inside everything is wet. Apparently the washing liquid leaked. So like nothing "rag"

  77. A***a


  78. A***l

    It's fine.
    no remarkno remark

  79. M***a

    Description exact. Quality is good. Delivered in 20 days. I recommend this seller.

  80. V***o

    The product was in transit for 18 days. excellent bottle for cleaning liquid.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  81. S***k

    Phone screen cleaning liquid 2 in 1, spray to remove dust from the computer screen, microfiber cloth, cleaning items set without cleaning liquid.
    It was 18 days in the center of Russia, combined 3 parcels into one. Sold a little break. There is no indication in the description that without liquid.

  82. D***v

    Did not came!

  83. A***v

    Great product! Works like a charm. I used liquid for cleaning glasses, works perfectly and looks so cute Thank you
    no remarkno remark

  84. K***v

    Shut the water, I use it to drive the cat)))

  85. T***g

    Very good product. Works perfectly. Practical and effective.

  86. B***a

    pretty good

  87. A***l

    Прикольная вещица! Залил Дезинфицирующей жидкостью и протираю смартфон.
    no remark

  88. A***r

    Pocket screen cleaner, the fabric part cleans very well.
    I filled it up with sanitizer
    no remarkno remark

  89. S***P

    Pts small bottle but normal

  90. S***a

    The product fully corresponds to the description. Will stand well, in addition to the phone with new films that are convex along the contour

  91. D***v

    Fast delivery to ekb. No complaints, computer monitor, laptop, TV cleaned without divorce

  92. V***o

    This is a very high quality pulverizer. Made on conscience. The feeling is worth a couple thousand. Highly recommend. In Krasnodar it took two weeks.
    no remarkno remark

  93. F***r

    Bon article

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