🌟 Introducing the HeartEcho: Prenatal Harmony Monitor by MynaMart 🌟

Experience the joy and reassurance of hearing your baby’s heartbeat with unparalleled clarity. The HeartEcho is not just a gadget; it’s a companion for your pregnancy journey, designed with love and care for expecting mothers.

Key Features:

🔍 Ultra-Sensitive Doppler Probe: Equipped with a 2.5 MHz waterproof probe, the HeartEcho boasts high sensitivity, making it possible to detect your little one’s heartbeat as early as 12-16 weeks.

💡 Crystal-Clear LCD Display: Our HeartEcho comes with a luminous digital screen, ensuring the numbers are readable at a glance, capturing every precious heartbeat with greater clarity.

🔄 Dual Display Modes: With just a press of a button, toggle between two display modes to suit your preference. It’s user-friendly and designed with your convenience in mind.

🌿 Zero Radiation Assurance: Your baby’s safety is our top priority. The HeartEcho has been rigorously tested to ensure minimal radiation, allowing you to use it with peace of mind.

⏱️ Smart Auto-Off Feature: Inbuilt with intelligent automation, the HeartEcho will power down after 60 seconds of inactivity, preserving battery life and ensuring efficiency.

With MynaMart, you’re choosing a brand that stands at the intersection of innovation and compassion. We understand that a mother’s love is the first heartbeat a baby feels, and with the HeartEcho, we make sure it’s joined by another.

🎶 Intelligent Noise Reduction: Dive into the pure sounds of bonding with our smart noise reduction technology. Hear the sweet symphony of your baby’s heartbeat without any distractions.

High Precision: Engineered for accuracy, the HeartEcho delivers high-precision readings, so you can track your baby’s health with confidence.


“I was looking for something to connect with my baby before I could hold him in my arms. The HeartEcho brought us together in the most beautiful way. Hearing his heartbeat was like music to my ears, and it was so easy to use!” – Emily R., MynaMart Customer

💖 Ready to embrace the miracle of life? Click “Add to Cart” now and let the HeartEcho fill your home with the rhythm of love. Your journey to motherhood is just a heartbeat away with MynaMart.


Probe frequency 2.5 MHz plusmn10%
Error range plusmn 2bpm
Rate display range 30-240bpm
Validity period 5 years
Size 130mm (L)*100mm(W) *36mm(H)
weight 250g
Battery 2*AA ( battery wonrsquot send )


Packing Content:



Weight 0.58 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 100 cm

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100 reviews for HeartEcho: Prenatal Harmony Monitor

  1. F***o

    Yeah, this one got me pretty good too, good thing or the kid was gonna come out for legs first.

  2. G***s

    Very good, 90 days to reach Brazil.

  3. C***o

    Arrived very fast, came well packaged and worked perfectly, am loving hear the heart of my baby

  4. N***r

    Thank you
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  5. A***k

    Detector works, very easy to operate. Shipping with Polish warehouse in 3 days. Recommend

  6. J***a

    Arrived very fast and in perfect condition.

  7. A***a

    I am very satisfied. The product arrived fast, in perfect condition. Seller. Well packed. Thank you

  8. T***a

    It came on the 4th day (sending from Russia)
    In the box and in the navel. Everything works fine. I listened to both my husband and me, and my baby) a good device, with it I will be calmer) thank you!
    no remark

  9. D***v

    Works well. Loud enough, heartbeat sees
    no remarkno remark

  10. M***k

    Am loving arrived all packaged, all right. We use to see how will be arrived well ahead of time, was very fast and am very pleased with the seller
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  11. A***o

    They promised Me I 'd be here in 10 days. It didn't take a little longer. But they took care of it. Get the order to my house as soon as possible, I like it very much because it comes in a very safe shockproof package. I'll leave some more feedback when I use it
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  12. E***R

    Excellent Product, same as photos
    no remarkno remark

  13. S***o

    All as described.
    Super fast arrived ahead of time. Well packed. Super satisfied.
    no remark

  14. V***n


  15. A***o

    Product equal to description, I arrive very fast
    no remark

  16. E***a

    Loved the product came very well packed, seller sent fast. Not comes with batteries included. Works perfectly. Comes with instructor to find the baby. Found loud volume, which is good.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  17. M***m

    Excellent product, can auscultar the beat If noises!!!! Excellent! Arrived very early

  18. A***a

    Ordered on Monday, I took it already on Wednesday, it's straight very cool, the term is almost 16 weeks, it's difficult to catch, so far, but sometimes maybe a cool thing!

  19. L***n

    In the first Test we have not detected the baby's heartbeat (3 months). My heartbeat is heard although it oscillates the pulse from over 140 to 60 which is my pulse. It came very fast and well packed.

  20. E***o


  21. J***z

    Received before time in two days, well packed, when you try I will leave additional comments
    no remark

  22. C***z

    Super Cool. It works!
    It doesn't bring batteries and uses double.
    To be able to hear the beats, cream or oil should be used.
    It has a maximum volume of 8 and minimum 0.
    After a while without taking care of it, it goes off alone.

    It took a month to get to Chile!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  23. I***a

    With 5 weeks I 've been able to hear the heartbeat

  24. E***e

    Very good product! The package arrived in 2 days. The only hit is, you have to buy the gel apart, it doesn't even come.

  25. F***Z

    It's come super fast two days to fail to test

  26. G***e

    Arrived very fast in 15 days was already in my home Cuiabá Mt
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  27. F***r

    Excellent product ! Good service
    no remark

  28. Y***A

    Doppler is not worth his money, although it works. Bought per share at a price of 1500 rubles. But it's expensive for him. Ali is a lot better for the same money. There are no 3 modes in it, there is no heart display on the screen when it finds it. Packing is crumpled, there is no box. Measures well. I would not buy it anymore.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  29. S***z

    Perfect is very quick and listen very well I am 14 weeks and have had no problem

  30. R***a

    It works very well I like it

  31. V***o

    I have received the product in good condition, the seller fast shipping, it took quite a while to arrive in chile because they held it in customs and it took 2 months approx. It would only improve the package delivery rapids. From chile post office, but it works in perfect condition.
    no remarkno remark

  32. C***s

    Simply wonderful, works very well and arrived early and in great condition very satisfied ____ Maceio-Al
    no remark

  33. A***k

    It reached the Primorsky territory in two weeks, earlier than stated. Super fast! At 16 weeks I found a miracle heart. I wanted to be upset. But then echo listened quietly and muffled. So do not panic before time))

  34. D***s

    Very fast

  35. R***a

    good quality you can hear clearly the heart beat of the baby,i recomended
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  36. N***z

    Great article, I come here rapidissimo and it sounds great, I'm 12 weeks and the beat cn ease

  37. T***z

    You hear it beautifully
    Without the gel nothing is heard
    (Amazon special gel) otherwise a wonder
    With two batteries and already this one you use when you want
    no remark

  38. E***s

    Good product, good price

  39. M***o

    Very good recommend. Arrived ahead of time.

  40. A***r

    Arrived in 3 weeks. Very well packaged with no damage. Works well and fair pricing. Great seller. Thank you.

  41. M***a

    Everything ok

  42. A***i

    I received the order in good condition, well packed. it corresponds with the description. I have not tested it, u will leave an extra feedback when I use it. I recommend the seller. Thanks

  43. L***z

    Good product. The volume should be higher, you have to put it close to your ear so you can hear. Overall, is a good product.
    no remark

  44. R***s

    Loved, exactly as I wanted, and delivery was super fast!

  45. D***a

    Very fast delivery. The sound is classic, like the expensive dopplers. For calming mom's Hearts I recommend. 🙂

  46. A***

    I put 5 stars on him because so I get published my opinion the seller is a con man had to arrive at 5 days and I arrive in 26 days he's a liar and he speaks badly to you. The artifact doesn't work. It sounds awful and when I want to return the product tells me to buy a return insurance and not me accept return and AliExpress. It doesn't solve anything. Don't buy this guy.

  47. F***m

    great and a lot of fun

  48. E***a

    It seems to work, it came quickly. How many correctly shows the number of strokes I can not say. My pulse in comparison with the tonometer indicates 7 beats less.

  49. E***r

    Very good for the price!

  50. R***a

    I love it, I'm 12 weeks old and I already hear the heart of my little thing. I use it with hydrating cream to make it better by the gut.

  51. R***z

    It arrives only with instructions, without a box, the important thing is that it performs its function.
    no remark

  52. P***L

    It seems to work well at the moment, although the baby is too small to hear his heartbeat, I tried mine! When time goes by, I'll see you write a review to see how it goes. I didn't need any gel or cream to use it.

  53. P***h

    Excellent powerful Doppler. The numbers jump a little, but the sound is excellent. And works only on the heart (if you press to something else, there is no sound))
    no remarkno remark

  54. X***o

    Wishing to prove it and I tell you
    no remark

  55. B***n

    You can hear the heart of my hermanitx, happy with the purchase

  56. F***r

    The workmanship and details is not your strong but delivers what it promises in ad

  57. A***a

    Perfect is the best I 've ever bought to hear my baby beat, seller very fast on shipping, recommended 100%
    no remark

  58. D***d

    Just as described

  59. L***z

    It works great, just need 2 AA batteries, good price, good quality, it arrived fast in no more than 3 weeks, even though the tracking data was not updated, I thought it included the gel but no, even without it it is heard well, I guess with him he'll listen much better.

  60. K***s

    Shipping with Polish magazine so detector doszedł for two days. Works beautifully. Recommend.

  61. C***k

    Came super fast my order
    Happy happy.

  62. K***a

    It came quickly, packed well. Heartbeat found almost immediately, it's convenient to use, everything is simple and clear

  63. K***c

    All right. Delivery time for Polish 13 days. Recommend
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  64. A***l

    I did not receive the goods. Because of the situation with the Kovid, the shipment was from China and we did not fit in terms.

  65. S***n

    7 day for receive

    perfect, i try whit alcool gel for test

  66. T***s

    Fast delivery, like the ad, very easy listening (pregnancy with 17 weeks). Recommend

  67. N***a

    Arrived very fast, working perfectly.
    no remark

  68. L***Z

    Very glad you hear wonderful, with Amazon gel if you're not advanced without gel you can't hear.

  69. L***l

    It's fantastic! I'm 15 weeks and it sounds perfectly, I recommend it to everyone, it arrived in 2 days

  70. L***o

    I liked the product came well packed arrived very fast. Think 7 days after bought arrived

    Could not hear clear only numbers in screen'm 16semanas
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  71. R***r

    Came quickly working seller well done

  72. A***a

    Mega fast delivery from Poland. Detector works with gel for ultrasound kupionym in pharmacy. Sincerely recommend!!

  73. A***a

    She arrived on time and works very well, happy with my purchase
    no remark

  74. E***z

    All work smoothly. Well słychac. Shipping from Poland, pack dotarła in 2 days.

  75. P***a

    Arrived in Brazil in 9 days. Totally excellent!!! Can Trust
    no remarkno remark

  76. C***d

    It's very good.

  77. C***s

    Came just like the photo and in less than 2 weeks! Super fast! 🙂

  78. J***o

    Everything is perfect.

  79. I***a

    Doppler came in less than 10 days, delivery from Russia. Works well, loud, the gel was not at hand, so I tried with oil, heartbeat did not find immediately, maybe because of the oil, all the same it is better to buy a gel. It is audible well, for calming nerves the most it!!!

  80. M***z

    Sent fast and well packed

  81. D***d

    Express shipping in 3 days. Great hear tetno

  82. W***a

    Excellent product. I arrive with a good wrapper, I arrive in time arranged despite the pandemic, just buy the gel and try. I totally recommend that, above all, for demonstrating a concern in selling this monitor.
    no remarkno remark

  83. P***a

    Delivery from Poland 5 days. Everything works, the heart is heard very well

  84. E***a

    Detector works, hear the heartbeat, nieraz hear beat, but does not show heart rate

  85. S***z

    With 14 weeks you listen perfectly

  86. A***a

    Super fast shipping, arrive in perfect condition, very good product

  87. J***O

    Excellent product and seller received to my country very fast, well packed and worked perfectly, thank you very much, future purchases.

  88. H***h

    The castle near the Polish came to reach shvidko 11 dnev. In the reception device is pre-war, Bo Serce Chuti Dobra, the accuracy of the numbers on the device of the trishki rose, an hour of the night does not show in isolation, ale for me Bulo is an important sound.

  89. B***a

    All OK!

  90. K***a

    The display of the heart rate is not very accurate and not necessarily accurate. But we can hear the heart beating like ultrasound <3

  91. D***a

    Arrived in perfect condition, works well, seller recommended
    no remarkno remark

  92. M***s

    It's the best purchase I 've ever been able to make, works perfectly, and super fast shipping I 've been able to hear my baby's heart in the tranquility of my house, I totally recommend it! The seller gave me a beautiful blue butterfly, thank you very much

  93. E***a

    Very worth, super works! And shipping was super fast here Pro Brasil… am extremely satisfied.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  94. J***j

    Perfect and still came a borboletinha toast
    no remark

  95. F***a

    Super fast, just like in the photo and also works perfectly.

  96. A***a

    Top ten very good

  97. J***a

    Arrived in perfect condition and in less than 15 days in Rondônia, loved

  98. F***o

    It's quite robust and works very well.

  99. N***y

    It came to the post office in a week, packed in a pupyrku and a box. Works well, everything, as in the picture and in the description. Need two AA batteries

  100. E***a

    Very good product and I arrive fast

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