🚨 Introducing the “HydroGuardian Pro,” your indispensable safety companion! 🚨

Transform any workplace into a sanctuary of eye care safety with our innovative 2-in-1 Faucet and Eyewash Station. The HydroGuardian Pro is designed for seamless integration into your existing sink setup, ensuring immediate access to a lifesaving eyewash station without the need for dedicated plumbing modifications.

Installation Simplicity 🛠️: Our station is a breeze to install, crafted to universally fit your faucets with ease. It comes equipped with two adapter sizes (15/16″ -27 & 13/16″ -27) and boasts a standard 55/64″ -27 internal thread, ensuring compatibility with a vast array of faucet designs.

Ergonomic Operation ✋: Activate the water flow with a simple gear lever lift, allowing for hands-free operation that’s essential in emergencies. Plus, with a full 360-degree rotation, users can effortlessly adjust the eyewash spouts to their preferred angle and height.

Customized Comfort 🔧: Featuring an adjustable nozzle that complies with ANSI standards, the HydroGuardian Pro provides control over both direction and water flow. Its versatile 180-degree rotary switch transitions smoothly between functions – from hand washing to eye cleansing, or even to a drinking faucet, all while allowing fine-tuning of the water pressure to suit delicate eye areas.

Robust Features 💦:

  • Max Working Pressure: Confidently operates at up to 7Bar.
  • Non-Return Valve: Shuts off automatically to prevent backflow.
  • Durable Hose: 1.4m PVC lined with stainless steel for longevity.
  • Gentle Sprayer Heads: Soft rubber composition for a gentle, eye-safe spray.
  • Automatic Dust Shields: PP caps that remove themselves when in use, ensuring a clean spray every time.
  • Hands-Free Switch: Auto-locking for uninterrupted flushing during emergencies.
  • Premium Materials: Solid brass construction with a high-gloss epoxy powder finish, offering unmatched resistance to chemicals, UV, and heat.

Effortless Maintenance 🧽: Our wall-mounted design allows for quick access and easy upkeep. The eyewash nozzles, crafted from durable PC materials, feature integrated dust and foam filters, and the unit’s smart design minimizes any sudden pressure spikes to safeguard against eye injury.

Reliable Performance 🛁:

  • Nominal Pressure: 0.4MPA
  • Sealing Pressure: 0.45MPA
  • Operational Pressure Range: 0.2 – 0.4MPA
  • Flow Rate: ≥ 11 L/min with room temperature pure water or water meeting health standards.

Installation is a Snap 🧭:

  1. Secure the fixed tray to the wall.
  2. Connect the water supply hose with its internal rubber gasket to the water control valve.
  3. Link the other end to your water supply for a steadfast, leak-proof seal.

Embrace the next level of workplace safety with MynaMart’s HydroGuardian Pro – where innovation meets practicality.

🌟 What Our Customers Say: “I never realized how essential an eyewash station could be until we had a chemical splash incident. The HydroGuardian Pro was a game-changer, providing immediate relief and potentially saving sight. The installation was straightforward, and it integrated flawlessly with our lab’s existing setup. Highly recommended for any safety-conscious environment!” – Jane D., Lab Manager

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Weight 1.80 kg
Dimensions 270 × 170 × 80 cm

Copper with faucet, Eyewash, With faucet


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