📝 Product Description:

🐾 Unleash the Potential of Your Canine Companion with the K9 ProTactix Harness Ensemble! 🌟 Crafted with precision, our harness set embodies the pinnacle of tactical gear for your four-legged partner. Designed to meet rigorous military standards, this ensemble ensures peak performance in any environment.

🔗 Military-Grade Durability: Featuring robust metal shoulder buckles, the K9 ProTactix withstands the most demanding pulls and tugs. Whether it’s a day of intense training or an adventurous hunt, your pooch’s safety is guaranteed.

🛡️ Customizable & Versatile: Adorn your dog with patches and badges on the multiple Hook & Loop panels, personalizing each mission with flair. This harness is more than a piece of equipment; it’s a statement of your dog’s unique identity.

🎖️ Ultimate Control for Every Mission: Maneuver with confidence using the reinforced top handle, providing swift control and assistance. From urban landscapes to wild trails, the K9 ProTactix is your ally in ensuring your dog’s security and compliance.

🌿 Camouflage Style for Stealth Operations: Available in four tactical colors, the ensemble blends seamlessly into various environments. Choose from stealthy black, earthy brown, military green, or CP camouflage to suit your strategic needs.

📐 Size for Every Soldier: With sizes ranging from S to XL, find the perfect fit for your canine, regardless of the breed. Each harness is meticulously crafted from the finest polyester, ensuring comfort and mobility.

🏅 Testimonial: “Since upgrading to the K9 ProTactix Harness, our K9 unit has seen remarkable improvements in field performance. The durability and control are unmatched, truly essential gear for any working dog.” – Sgt. K. Owens, Police K9 Unit

Be part of the MynaMart family where we equip your loyal companion with nothing but the best! Gear up, head out, and make every mission a success with the K9 ProTactix Harness Ensemble. 🛒

Don’t wait! Transform your dog into a tactical partner today! 🐕💼

Packing list:

Strap *1, traction rope *1, waist bag *1, dog clothes *1, water cup cover *1

Weight 1.19 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 30 cm

L, M, S, XL


Army Green, Black, Brown, Cp color


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