Product Description:

Unleash the joy of mindful eating for your furry friend with the 🆕 Paws ‘n’ Savor – Deluxe Pet Dining Station, a MynaMart exclusive that brings innovation to your pet’s palate. Say goodbye to gobble-down meals and hello to a gastronomic adventure that’s both enjoyable and health-enhancing.

🔍 Explore the Features:

  • Multi-Texture Delight: Each Paws ‘n’ Savor station boasts a variety of textures, designed not just to entice but to slow down even the most eager eaters. Preventing rapid consumption helps in reducing bloating and promoting better digestion for your pet’s optimal health.
  • Dental Hygiene Boost: Beyond just feeding, the unique patterns massage your pet’s tongue and assist in scraping away tartar, contributing to fresher breath and cleaner teeth.
  • Superior Material Quality: Crafted from premium silicone, these mats are not just durable, but also safe for your pets, easy to clean, and a cinch to maintain.
  • A Palette of Sizes and Colors: Whether you have a pint-sized pal or a large lovable companion, we have the perfect fit. Choose from a kaleidoscope of colors to match your pet’s personality or your home décor.

📏 Sizing Excellence:

  • Small: 30 x 20 x 4.2 cm
  • Large: 43 x 28 x 4.2 cm

🎁 In the Box:

  • 1 x Paws ‘n’ Savor Deluxe Pet Dining Station

A Pawrent’s Promise:

“Since introducing the Paws ‘n’ Savor to our home, our Jack Russell’s mealtime is now an engaging activity rather than a race to the finish. His digestion has improved and the bonus dental benefits? Just the cherry on top!” – 🐶👩‍🦰 Jane D.

🛒 Ready to transform your pet’s mealtime into a healthful ritual? Tap into the MynaMart family and bring home the Paws ‘n’ Savor – Deluxe Pet Dining Station today. Your pet’s wellness journey begins with a single lick!

Add to Cart 🛍️ and witness your beloved companion dine in blissful tranquility.

Product Image:

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 400 × 300 × 40 cm

Large Black Licking Pad, Large Gray Licking Pad, Large Lake Blue Licking Pad, Large Light Green Licking Pad, Large Milky White Licking Pad, Large Purple Licking Pad, Large Sky Blue Licking Pad, Small Black Licking Pad, Small Dark Gray Licking Pad, Small Lake Blue Licking Pad, Small Milky White Licking Pad, Small Purple Licking Pad, Small Sky Blue Licking Pad

20 reviews for Paws ‘n’ Savor – Deluxe Pet Dining Station

  1. O***z

    superb quality. cat loves to eat from it

  2. M***i


  3. R***j


  4. T***s

    Súper bonito

  5. Z***z

    Perfect to make them eat more slowly

  6. T***p

    this item is very very useful for feeding our cat

  7. N***v

    Awesome product use it everyday

  8. G***m

    Für Katzen ist es perfekt und für kleine Hunde denke ich auch. Kann ich empfehlen.

  9. Q***d

    wszystko okej . Mata super psy zadowolone.

  10. P***i

    Dolphin and crab came with small suction cups to hold to the floor, the paw came regularly flat.. wouldn’t mind either way with or without, recommend seller, was pretty fast comparing to shipping to our region

  11. E***b

    cats like it!

  12. M***a

    llego rápido, igual a la foto, mi gato ahora come más lento :)))

  13. E***n

    Très bon produit pour le moment je suis ravie! Ma petite chatte mange bien moins vite!

  14. M***x

    Esta muy bien

  15. N***z


  16. L***o


  17. L***c

    Very nice silicone plate. My puppy first ate a little from it, then took it by the edge, poured out all the food and now plays with it instead of my sandals. Even if he will not eat from it, but will only wear it in his teeth, this is a great thing. Fast shipping.

  18. T***c

    ayuda a que mi perro coma más lento. muy buen material

  19. P***b

    Excelente calidad! Recomiendo este producto.

  20. P***t

    Article conforme à la description, je suis ravie

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