🚀 Unveil a pet-tacular transformation this Halloween with MynaMart’s “Pawsitively Spooky Pet Ensemble”! Your furry friend will be the bark of the town, enchanting tails and humans alike with this adorably eerie attire. No longer just a pet costume, this is a ticket to frolicsome fun and unforgettable memories. 🐾

👁️‍🗨️ Product Description:

Slip your four-legged companion into the heart of Halloween hilarity with our unique costume! Designed with meticulous attention to pet comfort and human amusement, this ensemble turns your pooch into the cuddliest of ghouls. Here’s why it’s a must-have:

  • Tailored for Comfort: Crafted with soft, pet-friendly polyester, our costume prioritizes your pet’s comfort while ensuring a snug fit. Say goodbye to the one-size-misses-all approach with our detailed size chart, accommodating even the quirkiest of canine shapes.
  • Adjustable Design: With room for two sizes in one, our ensemble caters to pups in the growth sprout or those indulging in an extra treat. The adjustable straps ensure the perfect fit without any wiggle-room for wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Vibrant & Durable: The eye-catching red hue is fade-resistant, maintaining its ghastly vibrancy through many spooky seasons. Plus, the durable fabric stands up to your pet’s adventurous spirit, from the eerie hallows of your living room to the leaf-strewn paths of the park.
  • Easy Care: Post-haunt, simply toss it into the wash for a hassle-free clean-up, ensuring your pet is ready for their next costumed caper.

📸 Reflecting on the Image Provided:

Our canine model showcases the outfit’s snug fit and the ease with which pets can move, sit, and play. Notice the detailed wig that stays put even when the action heats up, and the charming striped shirt that’s all about those horror-cute vibes.

🌟 Customer Testimonial:

“Every year, our pug becomes the star of the neighborhood, and this ‘Pawsitively Spooky Pet Ensemble’ just raised the bar! Easy to wear, hilarious to behold, and it’s like a love spell for Instagram likes!” – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Don’t wait for the witching hour! 🛒 Add the “Pawsitively Spooky Pet Ensemble” to your cart and let your furry ghoul join the parade of spooktacular charm this Halloween. Because with MynaMart, it’s not just a costume; it’s a moment to howl for! 🌕


Transform your pet’s Halloween from mundane to mythical with MynaMart, where magic meets the wagging tail.


Size information


Package Content: 

1 pc clothes (adjustable). 1 pcs wig (adjustable),1 pc foam knife



Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 180 × 230 × 40 cm

L, M, S, XL


Horseman, Photo Color

100 reviews for Pawsitively Spooky Pet Ensemble

  1. R***o

    Good seller, funny costume 🙂
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  2. J***a

    Perfeitoooooooo. The quality is excellent and very precise size with the description.
    no remark

  3. I***y


  4. P***e

    Super cute
    no remarkno remark

  5. F***i

    M for a French bulldog of 15kg perfect size

  6. F***r

    The. Product is a limp! Jajaa. I'm leaving with my dog. The quality is very good and it is very good product! The q plus me. Impressed was the speed q got me. Long before q other product s q asked for much longer

  7. M***A

    Very funny!

  8. N***e

    The hair piece is falling apart but it’s too cute to complain. L fits 85lb Pitbull perfectly. Happy customer.
    no remark

  9. G***a

    no remark

  10. R***o

    Was a little big

  11. A***

    Very good
    no remark

  12. G***o

    Am Satisfied

  13. P***r

    Highly recommended costume/disguise for czworonoga. Quality against price suitable. Dog what true zażenowany that have this walk… but even for moments few przebra ie doing furorę. Recommend hot. Certainly live looks much better than the pictures.
    no remark

  14. J***s

    Perfect for bulldogs and in 10 days received

  15. T***e

    It fits well
    no remark

  16. J***z

    Very funny. Recommended

  17. K***k

    Просто чудесно!
    no remark

  18. J***Z

    La peluca se deshace un poco pero esta guay

  19. C***z

    Excelente, le quedo muy bien a mi cachorro
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  20. R***r

    Love it, so funny. Good product and fast shipping too

  21. C***o

    rapido y tal cual es

  22. J***n


  23. M***i

    Item as describe. The wig was to big for my little toy dog and the fake hair that was on there keep getting into my dogs eyes hazard concerns. Overall excellent product. Highly recommended

  24. R***a

    Roupinha muito legal, tive que fazer alguns ajustes no tamanho do bracinho mas nada demais.

  25. T***r

    Fast shipping

  26. M***i

    no remarkno remark

  27. M***m


  28. N***o

    Un poco grande para gata adulta

  29. C***r

    Muy lindo de acuerdo con las descripciones

  30. M***G

    no remark

  31. M***a

    Прикольный костюм. Пользовались несколько раз. Отлично подходит для развлечений детей. Ездили в парк, люди были в восторге. Собака не пытается снять, реагирует спокойно

  32. Y***z

    super cute but my dog doesnt like wearing the wig

  33. K***n


  34. E***t

    The costume is fun. Super fast shipping

  35. M***n

    Very nice, good quality

  36. S***z

    It's fast.
    no remark

  37. K***r

    Just three phase cuter
    no remark

  38. D***e

    Size M for a French Bulldog… fit large in his paws but is ok
    no remark

  39. S***L

    Perfect size for a 21 weeks english staffordshire bullterrier 12kg 38cm high from leg to neck
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  40. E***

    Parcel received thank you very much to the seller I recommend you to buy this item ..
    Too funny!!!
    no remark

  41. K***h

    no remarkno remarkno remark

  42. P***o

    This certainly was the best ever made here on site. Demos laughter with this costume, really worth! My dog is a chowchow, medium-sized. Size L and gave perfect it. Took a month to arrive in Hollywood flórida.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  43. D***R

    Very good and fun

  44. F***z


  45. L***y

    Well received
    Adorable to put
    My dog is a real killer!

  46. M***o

    Like in the picture, it was for a small dog. The wig fell off and the bite, but it was perfect.
    no remark

  47. B***k

    Invaluable experience

  48. J***o

    fits my cocker spaniel

  49. M***g

    Pictures say enough.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Thanks for the fast delivery.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  50. Y***u

    Product Ok.

  51. B***o

    The size S, it looks spectacular! 100% recommended, it takes 1 month to arrive in Seville, super funny, when you walk it gives the desired effect! We had a good time of laughs!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  52. G***v

    Shipping fast. The goods is according to the description
    no remark

  53. M***N

    seems grate

  54. V***a

    Good material. Fits well and arrives quickly. Recommended
    no remarkno remark

  55. A***o

    Nice suit. On my Bulldog, 15 kg approached s size, she has a chest of 58 cm. On the chest of the rope is short, but you can tie. She really likes to gnaw her hand with a leg, takes her teeth and walks like this
    no remark

  56. J***z

    Nice size and very funny.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  57. W***s

    Very good quality, exact to description. Fast shipping
    no remarkno remark

  58. K***a

    This very father but I'm not keeping my dog buy it size M and my dog is a schnauzer, I arrive super fast
    no remark

  59. H***o

    good quality, european L size as described, delivery in 17 days ,I recommend it

  60. J***o

    Arrived very fast and came as the description
    no remarkno remark

  61. D***z

    Very good quality, the seller very attentive and sends product very fast through the selected medium ASS. Now I made a new gift order. The dog is medium height, I ordered an M and it fits perfectly.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  62. S***n

    The size is a little smaller, it's very nice, just like the picture.
    no remark

  63. E***e

    The suit is cool, but it's too long for the leg)

  64. I***r

    Brilliant just as advertised

  65. A***a

    On the Frenchman 10-11 kg approached 🙂 RJ XD
    no remark

  66. I***z

    Too small for my dog, don't take the measure well

  67. S***g

    The costume fits perfect, i’m having a great laugh here hahaha
    no remark

  68. N***e

    It's good. I ordered median or small.. Fits perfectly on the body but I did have to restitch the hair. To make it fit as its quite large. Shipping took two weeks to Ireland wich was incredibly fast.
    no remark

  69. H***a

    Excellent, very nice and very good quality

  70. K***k

    Just like the description! I loved it.
    no remark

  71. L***n

    Great! Great! Very chevere and arrived very quickly!

  72. C***z

    Excellent Product

  73. B***r

    The garment very well only the hair elastic too long also in smallest stand

  74. E***T

    The costume arrived in time, complete and the right size in relation to the size chart.
    no remark

  75. U***q

    As described came in 2 weeks!

  76. E***r

    Super fun! Very kind seller
    no remark

  77. J***a


  78. R***l

    Very good! Love it perfect fit on my frenchie! Looks amazing like the pictures exactly and more realistic and very fast delivery it was expected to arrive on November but it arrived perfect timing for halloween
    no remark

  79. E***o

    Super well done

  80. A***v

    This is some madness))) it's just impossible to stop laughing))) many thanks to the seller!!!
    no remark

  81. J***v

    The costume is super super funny. My Frenchie is 10,5kg.
    no remarkno remark

  82. M***y

    I love the suit. Very good quality and is worth for a 4 month golden Retriever the biggest size there is. Fantastic.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  83. M***a

    Very funny, excellent quality

  84. F***n

    Super cute on our 15pound Yorkie!

  85. M***z

    Very funny
    no remarkno remark

  86. C***a

    I love it!
    no remark

  87. R***o

    Excellent product and arrived very fast
    no remarkno remark

  88. B***a

    Perfect Size s for French bulldog 9 '5 kg
    no remark

  89. L***a

    Exactly as the description said. Very happy with my purchase. I recommend it to everyone!!!
    no remarkno remark

  90. J***n

    Very good product,

  91. D***n

    Great costume

  92. J***a

    Excellent, size ok.
    no remark

  93. C***e

    I love it and it came just by the time I wanted it!

  94. S***s

    I 've bought the size s for westy for 4 months and it looks good on him. The article is the same as in the photo. Very funny when he walks.
    no remarkno remark

  95. A***a

    Excellent Product all as indicated and very good quality

  96. Y***m

    -Single cute and shipping fast data wig fluffy slipping SIM cover
    As a whole it is satisfying

  97. E***a

    Thank you all well! Cat 4 kg,
    no remark

  98. B***r

    Excellent, my dog was very funny! Will buy more!

  99. T***r


  100. A***z


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