🌟 Introducing the PixelPals KiddieCam 🌈 – Your child’s first step into the vibrant world of photography! Designed with love for the little hands and big imaginations, our Interactive Digital Adventure camera invites your kids to see the world through a kaleidoscope of colors and creativity.

πŸ“ Compact Wonder: At just 488861mm, the KiddieCam is the perfect size for your little photographer to take anywhere. Wrapped in a soft, durable silicone body, it can withstand the bumps and drops of adventurous play.

πŸ“· Stunning Clarity: Capture precious moments in 13 million pixels with a crystal-clear 2.0-inch HD screen that brings every giggle and dance to life. Full HD 1920*1080 video resolution ensures that not a single detail of your child’s journey is missed.

πŸ”‹ Ready for Action: With a 400mAh battery, this camera is prepared for a day full of exploration. The simple 5V/1A charging keeps the KiddieCam ready for capturing memories at a moment’s notice.

🌈 Creativity Unleashed: Featuring fun photo modes and artistic filters like black and white, nostalgic, and sad, your child’s creativity will bloom. They can snap, film, and play with a palette of effects, fostering their artistic flair.

🌍 Multilingual Magic: With support for multiple languages including Chinese, English, Thai, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, French, and more, the KiddieCam is a global companion that grows with your child.

πŸ“¦ Everything You Need: Each PixelPals KiddieCam comes with a handy lanyard and charging cable, so you’re always ready to go. Just add a memory card (up to 32GB supported) to store all the adventures.

✨ Why MynaMart Loves It: We at MynaMart believe in the power of play and learning combined. The KiddieCam is more than a camera; it’s a storytelling tool that teaches kids the joy of capturing life’s moments.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Testimonial: “Ever since we got the PixelPals KiddieCam for our daughter, she’s been on a creative spree! We love seeing her excitement when she shows us her day in pictures. It’s durable, easy to use, and the perfect way to introduce her to photography!” – Happy MynaMart Parent

πŸ›’ Capture the Joy: Ready to give your child a window to their imagination? Add the PixelPals KiddieCam to your cart and let their photographic journey begin with MynaMart!

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 50 × 90 × 70 cm

16G memory card, 32G memory card, 8G memory card, Black Plus 16G, Black Plus 32G, Black Plus 8G, Black, Card reader black2.0, Card reader black3.0, Card reader white2.0, Card reader white3.0, Grey Plus 16G, Grey Plus 32G, Grey Plus 8G, Grey, Set A, Set B, Set C, Set, X2Blue 16G, X2Blue 32G, X2Blue 8G with black3.0, X2Blue 8G, X2Blue, X2Green 16G, X2Green 32G, X2Green 8G with black3.0, X2Green 8G, X2Green, X2Pink 16G, X2Pink 32G, X2Pink 8G with black3.0, X2Pink 8G, X2Pink, X2SBlue 16G, X2SBlue, X2SGreen 16G, X2SGreen, X2SPink 16G, X2SPink

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