Transform your nights with the SereniSnooze Smart Earset! 🌟 MynaMart presents an innovative solution to reclaim the silence of your sleep. Our state-of-the-art earset is not just a device; it’s your personal nighttime guardian, ensuring you and your loved ones enjoy uninterrupted dreams. 🛌💤

How It Works: Utilizing advanced bone conduction technology, the SereniSnooze detects snoring patterns with precision. 🦻 It’s equipped with a smart algorithm that not only recognizes snoring but adapts to it. Within moments, it gently nudges you with micro-vibrations, calibrated over 36 levels to seamlessly blend with your natural sleep cycle. 🔄

Intelligent Adaptation: Should snoring persist, the device escalates the vibrations in increments, never exceeding your pre-set comfort threshold. With each successful intervention, it subtly maintains the level, or smartly decreases it, promoting a deep, snore-free slumber. ✨

Companion Sleeplus APP: Step into a world of detailed sleep analytics with our free Sleeplus app. 📲 Sync your SereniSnooze and gain insights into your sleep patterns, snore frequencies, and the effectiveness of interventions. Customize the device’s sensitivity for a tailored sleep experience that’s uniquely yours.

Snore Stopper Feature: Wave goodbye to nighttime disruptions. Activate the snore stopper and let SereniSnooze work its magic, creating a tranquil environment for both you and your partner. 🚫🔊

Sleep Aid Melodies: Drift into tranquility with the sleep aid function. Choose from a selection of soothing tunes that lull your senses into a peaceful rest. 🎶

Record & Reflect: The built-in recorder captures your nocturnal symphony. Listen, learn, and witness the transformative effects of your SereniSnooze. 📼

🗣️ Testimonial:

“I never knew how much snoring affected my sleep until I tried the SereniSnooze Smart Earset. My energy levels are up and my partner is happier. It’s like a sleep revolution!” – Alex, Satisfied Sleeper

Ready for a night where dreams are uninterrupted, and mornings are refreshed? 🌅 Click “Add to Cart” and experience the tranquility of SereniSnooze – your passport to peaceful nights, brought to you by MynaMart.

Sleep peacefully. Live vibrantly. With SereniSnooze. 💙

Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 110 × 110 × 45 cm


2 reviews for SereniSnooze Smart Earset

  1. B***x

    Товар понравился. Пользуюсь ежедневно. Жена говорит, что стал меньше храпеть

  2. N***e

    Tal y como se ve en el anuncio,falta probarlo

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