Unveil the secret to a rejuvenating night’s rest with the ✨ SerenityNap Contour Pillow ✨, your ultimate solution to unwinding after a long day! Crafted with the futuristic Space Memory Cotton, this pillow is not just a resting place for your head—it’s a wellness companion.

Why choose SerenityNap? Here’s what makes it stand out:

🌙 Ergonomic Support: Embrace the comfort that molds to your contours, offering unparalleled neck and spinal alignment. Say goodbye to waking up with aches—SerenityNap is here to cradle your cervical region for a truly therapeutic rest.

🔄 Adaptive Positioning: With its ingeniously designed shallow center and expansive facial area, SerenityNap adapts to your preferred sleep position. Whether you’re a side sleeper, back rester, or a front slumberer, transition between poses as smoothly as a dream.

🛌 Stylish Comfort: Clad in a chic gray and black ‘frog’ pattern, this pillow isn’t just about utility—it’s a statement piece for any bedroom. The modal fiber cover whispers luxury, ensuring your sleep sanctuary is as visually soothing as it is comfortable.

🔥 Optional USB Heat Therapy: Select models come with a heatable option for that extra layer of relaxation. Just plug in and experience the gentle warmth that eases muscle stiffness, enhancing your sleep experience.

Testimonial: “I’ve struggled with neck pain for years, and nothing seemed to help. The SerenityNap Contour Pillow changed everything. I wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free. It’s not just a pillow—it’s a nightly neck therapy session.” – Satisfied Sleeper

Don’t settle for less than stellar sleep. Add the SerenityNap Contour Pillow to your cart today and embark on a journey to nights of serene slumber with MynaMart. Your neck will thank you! 🛒💤

Product Image:

Weight 0.85 kg
Dimensions 600 × 130 × 30 cm

No Thermotherapy, USB Thermal Therapy



74 reviews for SerenityNap Contour Pillow

  1. Y***h

    I like it

  2. W***f

    Sehr schön und gemütlich ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. J***m

    A good firm pillow

  4. Y***i

    almost perfect. my preference would be for a more gradual slope rather than a quick slope. I may use my electric carving knife to trim it away a little bit. When turning to either side, it provides support like a side sleeper pillow! I would say the density is medium to medium hard. I have four other pillows, so I am accurate in that rating.

  5. S***c

    Alles Top

  6. C***d

    zachter dan degene met cooling pad

  7. O***d

    Achei baixo

  8. K***y


  9. X***i


  10. M***t

    Super poduszka

  11. W***k

    perfecto aún mejor que el modelo más pequeño

  12. X***n

    Very good. Fast shipping. I really like this model, it rises quickly and it’s firm enough. I’m 1.80m tall and I need the bigger size for sure. For side sleeping it could be higher, but overall I would recommend it.

  13. S***j

    ótimo produto e entrega super rápida

  14. B***g

    بصراحة قاسية و اوجعتني برقبتي لكن صرت احط فوقها مخده خفيفة وارتحت

  15. T***l

    me gusto es de muy buena calidad

  16. S***y

    Третья моя подушка, каждому члену семьи куплена. Очень нравится, рекомендую! Очень комфортно спать, ухо не слёживается)) Мои рекомендации и благодарность за быструю доставку!

  17. E***i

    Un poco dura al principio

  18. D***k

    já é meu terceiro como todos temos problemas de coluna só esses pra amenizar

  19. G***t

    شحن سريع جدا منتوج طبق الوصف

  20. M***h

    calidad excelente

  21. L***b


  22. G***m

    Tolles ergonomisches Kissen. Anfangs riecht es etwas streng. Aber nach einigen Tagen auf der Terrasse ist es besser. 👍

  23. C***m

    très bon oreiller qui limite fortement les maux de tète et des cervicales …livraison en 10 jours .

  24. H***s

    As described,good quality!

  25. L***e

    muito bom o produto mas veio com cheiro estranho e como não quis esperar já usei no dia q chegou e deu crise d asma. coloquem no sol antes d usar.

  26. A***a

    Extremely firm. I personally don’t find it comfortable but if you like firm pillows you might like this.

  27. R***h

    Perfect Pillow, very fastly delivered!

  28. A***v

    very good

  29. U***j

    Qreat quality, very comfortable!

  30. T***y

    Quality good.I like it

  31. U***x

    Llegó sellado y muy bien embalado, la verdad fue un regalo, y no he preguntado la calidad del producto, en cuanto pueda daré una opinión más amplia. La calidad se sintió excelente cuando la tuve en mis manos.

  32. C***p

    La verdad que sí está cómoda.

  33. W***i

    Thin but okay

  34. X***k

    всё, как на фотографии. Мне очень понравилось. Спасибо огромное.

  35. L***i

    Es exactamente lo que se describe, aunque el producto nos es tan confortable como pensé.

  36. W***b


  37. Q***q

    me va bien

  38. E***s

    Looks nice but has a horrible chemical smell! Hopefully it will air out in a day or 2 otherwise I cannot use it.

  39. X***f

    muy bien, me ha gustado mucho , me descansa mucho las cervicales, la única pega es que viene con un olor como fuerte espero que con los días se le pase

  40. H***p

    Llego antes de tiempo y en perfecto estado. De momento parece muy cómoda.

  41. K***k

    Produto conforme o anunciado.

  42. S***w

    Товар был доставлен с поврежденной упаковкой. Подушка в пятнах

  43. U***z

    Perfecta calidad y anatomía, esperemos a los largo del tiempo cumpla su función

  44. D***n

    amei , só que pensei q era maior .

  45. J***c

    very good

  46. G***n

    thank you very much

  47. V***z

    Has a funny smell upon arrival but i dried it out & i use it every night. Love it

  48. I***m


  49. D***w

    I love it. comfortable and good quality produc.

  50. N***m

    Atendimento rápido, ótimo travesseiro

  51. Z***a

    ok gut

  52. U***f

    I absolutely love this pillow. nothing had alleviated the awful pain on my neck. I just wish I had bought it sooner.

  53. D***p

    Good Value for price. Very soft.

  54. Z***u

    Está un poco delgada para mi gusto pero a mi me gustan las almohadas altas, fuera de eso es cómodo

  55. A***m

    밀도는 좀 약한데
    가격대비 괜찮아요

  56. T***v

    confortable mais mauvaise odeur

  57. R***c

    Por alguna razón pensé que era más grande pero las medidas son exactas a las que pone en las descripción excelente calidad llevo ya unos 10 días usándola y esta genial

  58. J***k

    Tal cuál y como aparece en la publicación, solo que llegó con olor a humedad.

  59. J***p


  60. B***l

    ikzelf vind het te zacht.

  61. W***o

    muito bom produto recomendo vendedor

  62. C***f

    Llego en buen tiempo

  63. M***n

    Por enquanto só elogios

  64. Z***b

    Good size. Firm. Support pillow

  65. G***r


  66. K***u

    Purchased to help with some neck pain I’ve been having. It’s supportive however I have not been able to notice any changes in my pain levels after using this.

  67. H***p

    Bon produit utilisé depuis 10 jours. Me permet une meilleure position et un sommeil amélioré

  68. F***a


  69. R***h

    me gusta,es útil y ayuda a aminorar el dolor de las cervicales

  70. T***g

    menos marcada que en la foto

  71. W***a

    muito bom ,formato indicado para uma noite de sono tranquila

  72. L***e

    Produto ótimo, chegou bem rápido, sem nenhum problema!

  73. L***o

    Item as described.

  74. P***z

    As described, however the product has a unique smell ( probably from manufacturing- I expect that this will fade). Personally I do not find the pillow comfortable as it slopes backwards & I feel that it is not high enough.

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