🌟 Introducing the SparkleSonic Elite Cleanser – Your Ultimate Solution to Dazzling Cleanliness! 🌟

Transform your valuables from dull to dazzling with the SparkleSonic Elite Cleanser by MynaMart. This high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine is a marvel in maintenance, restoring the sparkle to your jewelry, glasses, watches, and more with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

👓 Crystal-Clear Vision: Equipped with a 45000hz ultrasonic cleaning frequency, the SparkleSonic Elite ensures that your eyewear is free of any smudges or debris, offering you a world of unobstructed, crystal-clear vision.

💍 Jewelry’s Best Friend: Say goodbye to the tedious task of manual scrubbing. Our professional cleaner bathes your jewelry in waves of cleanliness, reaching every crevice without the use of harsh chemicals or removing the precious tarnish that adds character to your pieces.

🔘 One-Touch Wonder: With just a single button to activate the cleaning magic, and a smart indicator to guide you, this user-friendly device is foolproof. Overheat protection is built-in for peace of mind, ensuring your treasures are treated with care.

🛡️ Sleek & Durable Design: The off-white, waterproof surface is not only aesthetically pleasing but also tactilely satisfying. Crafted with SUS 304 stainless steel, our tank offers excellent corrosion resistance, accommodating any ultrasonic detergent/solution with confidence.

🔋 Eco-Friendly Efficiency: Operating on just two AAA batteries (not included), the SparkleSonic Elite is an eco-conscious choice that doesn’t compromise on power, ensuring a gentle yet thorough 5W clean.

📐 Compact Elegance: With dimensions of 19×7.2×6.8 cm, this swing-type gadget is designed to integrate seamlessly into any space, be it a lavish bathroom or a compact apartment.

📦 In the Box: Your journey to a cleaner, brighter world begins with the SparkleSonic Elite Cleanser, accompanied by a detailed instruction manual to get you started immediately.

🌐 Versatile Cleaning Companion: Whether it’s children’s tableware, makeup tools, or your cherished razors, the SparkleSonic Elite is versatile enough to handle it all with care and precision.

“I never knew how much I needed the SparkleSonic Elite Cleanser until I tried it. My rings and watches have never looked better, and my glasses are as clear as the day I bought them!” – Satisfied MynaMart Customer

Don’t let grime dull your sparkle. Click ‘Add to Cart’ and elevate your cleaning game with the SparkleSonic Elite Cleanser. Your cherished items deserve the gleam of perfection!

Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 210 × 90 × 90 cm

Offwhite, Offwhite 2PC, Offwhite 3pcs, Offwhite with blue cloth, Set

49 reviews for SparkleSonic Elite Cleanser

  1. m***s

    ok, good dealer. Very fast.

  2. D***Y

    Just like the images, it has arrived earlier than expected, I recommend it, good material, thanks.

  3. A***a

    The goods came within 2 weeks, the quality of goods is excellent, I recommend the seller!

  4. B***a

    amazing. came quickly. packaged well and really reasonably priced! I am excited to use this and see how it goes!

  5. F***r


  6. K***e

    Very good product

  7. N***D

    the only problem is: you can’t close the battery cover when you use the usb cable

  8. N***l

    arrived In good time ideal for those small items rings etc

  9. J***n

    Aún no lo he probado, pero no tiene mala pinta
    no remark

  10. J***g

    Item damage as attached photo.
    no remark

  11. M***r

    Article conforme à la description. Un grand merci au vendeur.

  12. E***b


  13. A***e

    el producto es genial lo recomiendo ☺️

  14. A***r

    Cumpre o que propõe dentro do preço que custa.

  15. G***m

    Reçu en un peu + d’un mois. Très bien emballé. Je l’ai essayé et il fonctionne. Par contre, jeune sais pas si ça fait vraiment le job😅 On dirait un jouet. Je n’ai eu besoin de communiquer avec le vendeur.

  16. N***z

    отличная вещь работает как описано

  17. O***o

    grietas pristatomas,rekomenduoju pardavėja,aciu

  18. 9***r

    Ещё не пробовала, поставила на зарядку. Вроде ок.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  19. А***r

    работает , жужит и вибрирует, как почистим дополню отзыв
    no remark

  20. U***m

    fast shipping, good product!

  21. N***v

    Описание соответствует только частично – ультразвука там нет и до скончания века не будет, т.е. это только вибрационный очиститель. Там стоит вибромоторчик и все, т.е. это все превращается в обычную стиральную настольную машину, если добавить порошок, что и делается. Ванна пластиковая и весь корпус вибрирует на ножках. Чистка будет, но не такая, как ультразвуком. Провод достается из под низа и подключается к внешнему аккумулятору, батареек в корпусе нет и может были, но уплыли незнамо куда. Брал только из-за конструкции, а сделана она хорошо. Шло, как обычно.

  22. b***z

    está muy bien

  23. A***a

    Ok i believe , maybe my jewelery aren`t so dirty , or maybe I didn’t use the right solution …
    no remarkno remark

  24. S***a

    He recibido el producto dañado pero el vendedor me ha realizado el abono. Gracias

  25. s***z

    envío rápido

  26. M***i

    è arrivata con il fondo fuori sede e la scatola urtata, l’imballaggio per la spedizione non è stato il massimo! Smontata, rimontata, funziona…

  27. Q***g

    work for light job…clean jewel with special soap maybe will help

  28. m***m

    Fonctionne bien, à voir sur le long terme.

  29. G***i

    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  30. D***e

    no siento que limpie nada

  31. R***a

    esse não aquece como outros mais potente,más pelo preço vale muito a compra

  32. J***g


  33. V***m

    very quick delivery

  34. W***y

    Всё хорошо работает.

  35. A***z

    No limpia, es como un juguete.

  36. p***d


  37. s***v

    не плохо

  38. I***n

    וואו וואו אני ממש אהבתיי

  39. V***z

    Great item thanks

  40. S***d

    Definitely not ultrasonic! Just a motor vibrating the casing. It has managed to shake a lot of dirt from various items though (necklace pendants, metal watch strap) so wasn’t a complete waste of time!
    Fast shipping, just 11 days to NZ

  41. M***l

    ideale per pulire piccoli oggetti

  42. S***s

    não é util

  43. N***a

    работает прекрасно, но от батарейки быстро садится заряд

  44. 7***r

    limpieza por ultrasonidos objetos delicados: gafas,dentaduras, joyería, bisutería,monedas,etc

  45. S***s

    Arrived 2 days late than the estimated date.
    Comes with a Cable.
    * Didn’t try the product yet.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  46. D***o

    Haven’t opened it as of yet,as it’s a present.

  47. J***z

    Funktioniert einwandfrei und kam voll aufgeladen und viel früher als erwartet an!

  48. R***o

    parece potente, aunque todavia no lo he usado.

  49. A***r

    Sieht und macht das was er soll. Brillen werden nicht ganz sauber auch nach 15 min

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