Product Description:

🍏 Upgrade your kitchen prowess with the “SwiftPeel Kitchen Maestro” – the ultimate hand-cranked multifunctional peeler that brings efficiency and style to your food preparation! 🌟

Key Features:

  • Fully Washable Design: With its fully immersible body, the SwiftPeel offers no-fuss cleaning. Say goodbye to pesky peel remnants and oily residues—just one rinse, and it’s as good as new! 💦
  • Stable Non-Slip Base: Armed with a quartet of suction cups, this gadget stands firm on any countertop, ensuring slip-free peeling. Your safety and comfort are paramount, and the SwiftPeel delivers. 🛡️
  • Effortless Fruit Release: A single button press is all it takes to disengage your fruit. Our intuitive design ensures that you can retrieve your produce swiftly without fumbling with complicated mechanisms. 🚀

Innovative Aesthetics:

  • Materials: Crafted from premium ABS plastic and robust metal, the SwiftPeel is built to last. 🏗️
  • Color Options: Choose from our soothing Light Green or the classic Dark Green variants, each available with either the Peeling Knife or Splitter, or get the combined set for maximum versatility. 🎨
  • Style: Embrace a modern and minimalist look that not only performs but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen decor. 🌿

What’s Included:

  • Your choice of the Peeling Knife, Splitter, or the combo of both to revolutionize your food preparation process.

📦 MynaMart Exclusive:

Each SwiftPeel comes packaged in a sleek design that promises to be the centerpiece of your kitchen tools collection.


“Since I got the SwiftPeel Kitchen Maestro, I’ve been able to tackle meal prep faster than ever before! The non-slip base and easy wash feature are game-changers for me. 🌟” – Jamie R.

Don’t let mundane peeling tasks slow you down! Click “Add to Cart” now and embrace the future of effortless food preparation with the SwiftPeel Kitchen Maestro. Your culinary journey deserves this upgrade. ✨


Weight 0.43 kg
Dimensions 190 × 120 × 50 cm

Dark green, Light Green, Spare blade, Spare blade5pcs, Suit, Suit2.


Peeler, Peeler Splitter, Splitter, Spare blade

44 reviews for SwiftPeel Kitchen Maestro

  1. S***g

    multifonction pour cuisine
    no remark

  2. Z***r

    Vraiment arrivé très vite, c est exactement comme sur la photo je suis très contente de mon achat. Je ne l ai pas encore essayé mais on voit déjà que c est robuste. Bravo au vendeur je le recommande à tous.

  3. G***p

    사용하기 편하고 좋아요😄

  4. W***c

    잘 작동하네요 ㅎㅎㅎ
    꽉 껴서 작동시키세요

  5. O***c

    와 이건진짜 최고다 돌리게 힘도 전혀 안들어가고 사과자르는거 진짜 귀찮앗는데 진짜 아이디어상품 최고
    no remark

  6. O***z

    아직사용전입나다 써봐야쥬ㅋ

  7. D***d

    신기하게잘깍여요 맛도더있는거같고ㅋ

  8. X***k


  9. V***v


  10. X***v

    사용전이지만 파손없이 잘 도착했습니다.
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  11. O***k


  12. W***l

    아주 빠르게 잘 받았습니다 고맙습니다

  13. K***u

    오렌지까는것두 같이보냈다고하네요
    처음엔 뭔가해서 헛갈리게해놓고 문의하니 3일정도 답변 걸린다고 이거원 자기네상품 알구좀 팔지 하고답변보내니 바로 답변옴
    오렌지까지 ㅋㅋ
    no remarkno remark

  14. Z***q

    많이팔어 친구 좋다좋아
    no remark

  15. W***w

    Werkt beter dan ik had verwacht…..
    no remark

  16. L***n

    ziet er goed uit nu gaan gebruiken en uit proberen
    no remarkno remark

  17. P***m

    쓸만한데 내구력이 오래 갈꺼같진안음;; 날 여본 있어야 오래쓸듯

  18. V***f

    마음에 들어요

  19. J***d

    잘 깍습니다.
    배송도 빠르고.
    단 제사상 올리는 큰 사과는 사용하지 마십시요.
    다 안잘립니다. 두번 돌리면 내용물 손실이 너무 크니 한번만 돌리세요

  20. U***k


  21. V***s

    no remark

  22. T***j

    제품 포장이 엉망임 성능은 설명서 그대로 쓸만함
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  23. X***s

    빠른배송 좋습니다 상품도좋고요 잘밭았습니다 감사합니다

  24. Z***s


  25. U***c

    Соответствует описанию, дошел очень быстро. Упаковка была подмята, но товар не пострадал. Очень понравился ребенку (6 лет), он в восторге.. Сам чистит и режет, под моим присмотром. Спасибо!
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  26. C***s

    사진은 고급스러워 보이지만 제품은 약간 허술해 보입니다. 하지만 성능은 아주좋네요. 잘깍여서 먹지도 못할만큼 깍았네요.

  27. Y***z

    The goods sent very quickly arrived to me in less than three weeks, I recommend this seller to everyone

  28. L***s

    Facile à utiliser, très légère , bien maintenir lors de l’utilisation

  29. Q***j


  30. D***s

    사과 잘 깍이고 너무 편함 강추

  31. K***u

    Very nice and helpful!

  32. H***n


  33. J***n

    Muito porreiro

  34. I***y


  35. E***i

    잘 짤림 재미있음

  36. X***g

    Easy to use

  37. Q***l

    It really does works see how long it will last

  38. W***l

    no remark

  39. R***c

    Va muy bien nos encanta ya mi hijo puede pelar su fruta

  40. S***a

    muy bien producto, sencillo y eficaz, menos de diez segundos para pelar una manzana y llegó igual de rápido
    no remarkno remark

  41. K***c

    Bom o produto

  42. K***m


  43. M***l

    Très bien merci beaucoup

  44. N***t

    I love it

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