🌱 Transform your cleaning routine with the “SwiftSwipe Eco-Clean Mop” from MynaMart – the epitome of eco-friendly efficiency and design elegance. This innovative mop is more than just a cleaning tool; it’s an experience that brings simplicity and sustainability into your daily life. 🧽

👌 With its ergonomic single-hand grip, say goodbye to the hassle of cumbersome mopping. The SwiftSwipe’s intuitive design allows for a swift drag-and-glide action, ensuring your hands stay pristine while your floors shine.

💧 The innovative ring push-pull mechanism revolutionizes dehydration, allowing for an effortless squeeze-out with a near-perfect dehydration rate. No more wrestling with unwieldy buckets; the SwiftSwipe ensures a more thorough dryness with just a simple gesture.

🏠 Boasting a sleek storage-friendly design, the SwiftSwipe integrates seamlessly into any decor. Its minimalistic footprint means you can store it anywhere, making it a fashionable yet functional addition to your home or car.

🌿 At the heart of the SwiftSwipe is the ecological cotton mop head – crafted with environmental consciousness in mind. These biodegradable cotton heads are not just gentle on the earth; they are robust performers on all surfaces.

Product Information:

  • Material: High-quality, durable plastic
  • Mop Material: 100% biodegradable cotton
  • Corrosion Resistance: Top-tier (Class 9.0-9.9)
  • Dehydration Rate: Outstanding (90%-100%)

Style Details:

  • Style 1: Includes 3 cotton heads + squeeze handle for maximum efficiency.
  • Style 2: Comes with 2 cotton heads + squeeze handle, balancing performance and compactness.
  • Style 3: The essential single cotton head + squeeze handle, for the minimalist.
  • Style 4: Extra value pack – 3 cotton tips for long-lasting use.

📦 Choose Your SwiftSwipe Style:

  • For the Eco-Warrior: Style 1 is the ultimate cleaning companion, ensuring you’re always prepared for any mess.
  • For the Busy Bee: Style 2 keeps up with your pace, offering a quick swap and go.
  • For the Space Saver: Style 3 provides the essentials without the clutter.
  • For the Prudent Planner: Style 4 offers extra tips for those who believe in having backups.

🗣️ Customer Testimonial:

“I never knew mopping could be this easy and eco-friendly! The SwiftSwipe Eco-Clean Mop from MynaMart has changed the game in my household. It’s compact, easy to use, and I love that I’m using a product that’s good for the environment.” – Jamie L., MynaMart Enthusiast

🛒 Ready to Upgrade Your Clean?

Embrace the future of home cleaning with MynaMart’s SwiftSwipe Eco-Clean Mop. Click to add the style that matches your lifestyle to your cart and experience the eco-conscious clean today!


Sponge heads with the logo or without the logo are randomly shipped

Size Information:

Packing list:

Sponge mop*1 Set/
Sponge head*1

Product Image:

Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 50 cm

1 Style, 1cotton head, 2 Style, 3 Style, 4 Style, Sponge 5pcs, Sponge 6pcs, Sponge 8pcs, suit

16 reviews for SwiftSwipe Eco-Clean Mop

  1. J***l

    Outstanding shopping experience! The seller sent me exactly what I ordered, very well packed and delivery was extremely fast. The product had the best price and it’s very good. Deeply impressed!

  2. B***m

    Good, very satisfied.

  3. Y***a

    Tolles Gerät
    no remark

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  5. F***v

    Haven’t used it yet but item is really great 👍

  6. B***n

    Товар отличного качества, упаковка хорошая, работает на отлично

  7. S***u

    looks good

  8. J***q

    На вид хорошего качества. Ещё не проверял на практике.

  9. D***e

    Agora é a sujidade que foge de mim, até as paredes da cozinha agradecem 😀😃
    no remark

  10. C***p

    Muito boa esta mop. Deixo uma dica que a experiência me deu: quando acabarem as limpezas aconselho a não guardarem a escova recolhida porque seca e danifica ao abrir.
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  11. F***r

    Produto fabuloso
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  12. B***s

    no remark

  13. N***p

    FELIZ com esta mop.
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  14. K***h

    Muito precisa. Limpar a casa ficou bem mais fácil. Obrigada.
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  16. U***z

    Fonctionne bien

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