Introducing the SwivelSweep Elite! ✨ – The Ultimate Solution for Effortless Cleaning

🔄 Experience Unparalleled Flexibility – With the innovative triangular head design, the SwivelSweep Elite boasts a 360° rotating mop head, ensuring every nook and cranny is free from dust and dirt. Navigate tight spots and tricky corners with ease, reaching deep into the abyss of cleanliness.

🚫 Banish the Ladder – The telescopic 1.3m stainless steel pole is your extended arm to battle dust bunnies, cobwebs, and grime, all while keeping your feet planted safely on the ground.

💧 Rapid Absorption Technology – Our premium, thickened microfiber cloth is a thirsty beast, soaking up spills in under 5 seconds! Its exceptional adsorption locks in dust particles, leaving surfaces spotless with each swipe.

👐 Hands-Free Convenience – The SwivelSweep Elite’s state-of-the-art ‘mimic hand washing’ system means you can say goodbye to hand-wringing. The built-in push-pull automatic squeezing function ensures your hands stay dry and pristine throughout your cleaning spree.

🎨 Stylish Selection – Available in elegant blue and pure white, the SwivelSweep Elite doesn’t just clean your space—it adds a touch of sophistication to your cleaning toolkit.

📦 Choose Your Arsenal – Select from four customizable packages, each with additional microfiber cloths to suit your cleaning frequency:

1️⃣ Basic Bundle: SwivelSweep Elite + 1 Cloth 2️⃣ Standard Kit: SwivelSweep Elite + 2 Cloths 3️⃣ Advanced Pack: SwivelSweep Elite + 4 Cloths 4️⃣ Pro Ensemble: SwivelSweep Elite + 6 Cloths

Testimonial: 🌟 “I never thought I could fall in love with a mop, but the SwivelSweep Elite changed the game! It’s like having an extra set of hands that do the work for me. Cleaning has never been this quick—or this fun!” – Jordan, Satisfied Customer

🛒 Ready to Transform Your Cleaning Routine? Add the SwivelSweep Elite to your cart today and elevate your cleaning experience with MynaMart!

Clean smarter, not harder. 💙


Weight 0.64 kg
Dimensions 515 × 300 × 90 cm

Blue, Grey, White


1 Style, 2 Style, 3 Style, 4 Style, Set, Triangle cloth, Triangle cloth 10pcs, Triangle cloth 3pcs

7 reviews for SwivelSweep Elite

  1. D***r

    el vendedor lo empaca bien, sin daños, es un trapeador giratorio de 360 grados, seguro que se limpia en todas partes fácilmente, confío en usted. Compraré más y lo recomendaré a mis amigos
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  2. G***e

    אתה נותן לי את המוצר הטוב, אני אתן לך 5 כוכבים, אסיר תודה
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  3. F***i

    alta calidad, costo de entrega de 10 días, el vendedor hace lo correcto, este trapeador triangular me ayuda mucho, casi puede limpiar todo
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  4. C***j

    vous êtes un vendeur honnête, colis sans dommage
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  5. X***k

    faire le bon travail, utile

  6. U***j

    fast shipping ,only 12 days
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  7. R***b

    Fácil de usar um esfregão de torção, liberte minha mão, alto engraçado para fazer tarefas domésticas, recomendará aos meus amigos
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