🎶 Introducing the TriScreen SoundMate TWS Earbuds, the epitome of auditory elegance and technological innovation, exclusively from MynaMart. Engineered with a pioneering spirit, these earbuds are not just a gadget; they’re your passport to an unparalleled acoustic adventure. 🚀

🔍 Overview:

The TriScreen SoundMate boasts an advanced 🖥️ Mirror HD three-screen display that lets you monitor your earbud’s power levels at a mere glance—no need to flip the lid! With a cutting-edge LED soft light feature, you’re always in the know, staying connected and charged up for the day’s rhythm.

Experience the stability redefined with the latest 5.3-core upgrade chip, ensuring a seamless connection. Whether you’re in the middle of an important call or lost in your favorite melody, the TriScreen SoundMate keeps you in sync without a hitch.

🎵 Dive into the high-fidelity sound with the Graphene composite diaphragm—a marvel in lightweight design and responsive audio clarity. It’s not just listening; it’s feeling every note.

Plus, with the micro-charging technology, your earbuds recharge swiftly and sustain your groove longer, so you’re ready whenever inspiration strikes.

🔇 The noise-cancelling microphone is your guarantee for crystal clear communication, no matter the chaos around you.

📝 Specification:

Model: TriScreen SoundMate (Yd03) Battery Life: Harmonize for 4-5 hours non-stop. Bluetooth Version: Swift and stable 5.3. Transmission Zenith: 10 meters of freedom. Charging Case Dimensions: A pocket-friendly 80.85530.7 mm. Earbud Size: Compact 24* 16.8* 14.5mm.

📦 Packing List:

  • Earbuds (1 set)
  • USB Data Cable (1)
  • Instruction Manual (1)

🌟 Testimonial:

“I’ve never felt so in tune with my music before. The TriScreen SoundMate earbuds from MynaMart are a game-changer—crisp sound, intuitive display, and the battery life is just incredible!” – Happy MynaMart Shopper

Don’t just hear, experience. Elevate your audio journey with the TriScreen SoundMate TWS Earbuds. 🛒 Click to buy now and transform your world with every note! Only at MynaMart, where innovation meets melody.


Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 100 cm

Black set, Black, White gray


usb, Wired earphone

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    really good product
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  2. J***d

    Very good quality powerful bass,beautiful . thank you seller ❤️
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  3. Y***h

    produto bom gostei

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