Embrace the power of a spotless clean with the WhirlClean Pro Electric Scrubber! πŸͺ„βœ¨ MynaMart proudly introduces a game-changer in household cleaning gadgets – designed not just to make cleaning effortless but to make it an experience.

Sleek Design & Robust Build:

Housed in a pristine white shell, the WhirlClean Pro boasts an ergonomic build for comfortable grip and usage. Crafted from high-quality ABS and durable nylon bristles, it promises longevity and performance. 🏠πŸ’ͺ

Battery Powered for Convenience:

Powered by batteries (not included), this device gives you the freedom to scrub and clean without the hassle of cords. A perfect companion for all your cleaning escapades! πŸ”„πŸ”‹

Compact Dimensions for Agile Cleaning:

With its compact design (1722.57.5cm with packaging), it reaches every nook and cranny, ensuring a thorough clean that leaves your bathroom sparkling. πŸŒŸπŸ›

Easy Storage & Maintenance:

After dazzling your tiles and tub, the WhirlClean Pro stores away with ease, ready for the next use. Cleaning the brush itself is a breeze, ensuring hygiene and effectiveness are maintained. 🧼🚿

Eco-Friendly Option:

Choose sustainability with this eco-friendly option that reduces the need for harsh chemicals and promotes a healthier home environment. πŸŒ±β™»οΈ

Visual Appeal and Functionality:

The WhirlClean Pro Electric Scrubber is a testament to minimalist design, blending seamlessly with modern home aesthetics while delivering robust cleaning action.


“I used to dread bathroom cleaning day, but the WhirlClean Pro has made it so much easier and faster. I can’t believe how much time I save and how clean my bathroom gets with minimal effort!” – Jane D., Satisfied Customer 🌟

Ready to revolutionize your cleaning routine? Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and be a part of the WhirlClean movement for a sparkling home! πŸ›’πŸš€

Weight 0.41 kg
Dimensions 240 × 190 × 80 cm

Rechargeable, Three brush heads, White


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