Product Description:

🌟 Experience tranquility with the SilentNite Snore-Free Clip! 🌙 Our innovative device is the key to unlocking peaceful nights and energized mornings. Say goodbye to sleep disruptions and embrace the quality rest you deserve.

Key Features:

  • 💡 Superior Quality: Crafted from premium silicone, the Snore-Free Clip is both durable and comfortable.
  • 🔄 Reusable & Eco-Friendly: Designed with sustainability in mind, it’s a snoring solution you can feel good about.
  • 👃 Universal Fit: Our flexible design gently adapts to any nostril shape, ensuring a snug, personalized fit.
  • 😴 Snore Reduction: Proven to minimize snoring, it widens nostrils to enhance airflow, making breathing effortless and quiet.
  • 🛌 Improved Sleep: Promotes smooth nasal breathing, aiding in the reduction of sleep apnea and nocturnal breathing difficulties.
  • 🌬️ Enhanced Airflow: Frees your nasal passages, combating congestion and hypoxia for a sound sleep experience.
  • 🏥 Health Benefits: Alleviates strain on your respiratory and circulatory systems, fostering overall well-being.
  • 🍃 Simple Maintenance: Easy to clean with soapy water, it’s designed for hygienic daily use.

Safety Note:

  • 🚫 Magnet Caution: Keep the powerful magnets away from your mouth to avoid ingestion and potential health risks.

Package Includes:

  • 📦 1 x SilentNite Snore-Free Clip in a transparent design, nestled in its own carrying case for hygiene and convenience.

Customer Testimonial: “Since I started using the SilentNite Clip, my partner and I sleep through the night without interruption. It’s been a game-changer for our sleep and our relationship!” – Alex R.

✨ Make the change today and invest in restful nights with MynaMart’s SilentNite Snore-Free Clip. Your journey to serene sleep is just a click away. Act now and transform your nights – your body and your loved ones will thank you! ✨



Weight 2.28 kg
Dimensions 350 × 300 × 200 cm

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20 reviews for “SilentNite Pro” – Magnetic Anti-Snore Nose Clip

  1. P***v

    прикольная, с виду, хреновина. оправа у магнитиков, типа силикона. мягинькая, не тугая и не жёсткая. но нужно проверять в действии по выздоровлению
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  2. A***z

    Llegaron pronto, pero aún no los pruevo.
    no remark

  3. R***g

    Same as the picture, hope IT works, haven’t tried IT yet

  4. i***r

    Bom produto. Segunda vez que eu compro.

  5. m***r

    no remark

  6. M***k

    Mea kūʻai nui.
    Haleluia mai ia’u.
    Ua māʻona au.

  7. m***s

    recebi mas ainda não usei . tudo conforme anúncio espero que funcione
    no remark

  8. B***r

    ótimo fuciona

  9. v***a

    Клипсы от храпа классные. Доставлены в целости. Спасибо продавцу. Рекомендую.

  10. E***w


  11. Л***а

    Посылку получила.Заказывала из Тулы 2.03,получила 9.04.Все хорошо,в деле пока еще не пробывала,продавца рекомендую.
    no remark

  12. T***d

    arrivé pas encore essayé

  13. s***o

    Não usei ainda!!! Mas chegou direitinho

  14. O***v

    The handcraft is smooth and good quality, yet to be tested regarding fixing while asleep, effect.
    no remark

  15. c***r

    Chegou dentro do prazo. Tudo certinho…

  16. P***S


  17. f***r

    tal qual como na descrição. gostei!
    minha esposa disse que antes dormia com um porco, agora tem um cavalo. não é 100% mas ajuda.

  18. H***a

    muito bom o produto, funciona mesmo.

  19. D***r


  20. Л***а

    Посылку получила.Тула 16.04-24.06.Продавца рекомендую.
    no remarkno remark

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